8 Super Cute Pink Bridal Shower Favor Ideas That Benefit Breast Cancer Research

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and you can do your part in the search for the cure. With breast cancer being the most common type of cancer among women, we’re letting you know the super cute ways you can give gifts that give back. Let’s start small—even the tiniest contribution can go a long way for women everywhere, and who doesn’t love the color pink? We’ve collected the chicest pink bridal shower favors that benefit breast cancer research. P.S. Don’t forget to schedule your annual mammogram! #EarlyDetection 

1. Glittery Wine
Get the pink party started with a gorgeously glittery bottle of chardonnay. Drinking wine for a cause? Sign us up. One Hope Wine

2. Lip Smackingly Pink
We assume your ladies’ lipstick will have rubbed off by the third course. These adorable pink orb-like lip balms will be a much needed pout refresher.EOS

3. Pink M&Ms
These tiny tasty treats have joined the fight against breast cancer, plus are the ideal on-the-go snack for the trip home.M&M's

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4. Hope in a Jar
We just love Philosophy. Great skin + charity = happy girls.Philosophy

5. Lokai Bracelets
Lokai reminds us to stay humble when you’re on top and to stay hopeful when you’ve hit a low. We say bring on the cure.Lokai

6. Relovable Bottle
Breast cancer awareness meets eco-friendliness with this chic pink champagne-colored reusable water bottle. Guaranteed to please the coffee drinker in all of us.S'Well

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7. Paint For A Cure
Who doesn’t need more pink nail polish? The more the merrier. No shade is equal and we are loving the yearly Pink of Hearts campaign from OPI.O.P.I

8. Charitable Candles
Want another reason to bring more candles into your home? We’ve got one great one for you. Light one for breast cancer awareness!Yankee Candle


--Julia Gargiulo

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