7 Ways To Honor Friends Who Are Not Bridesmaids

7 Ways To Honor Friends Who Are Not Bridesmaids

Choosing your bridal party is an exciting part of the wedding planning process and in an ideal world, all of your friends can wear a bridesmaid dress. In reality, some girls will have to be excluded to meet the number of groomsmen – you also probably won’t have enough time for 15 pairs to walk down the aisle! To ease hurt feelings that may arise in this tricky situation, we’ve found 11 ways to show your friends that you appreciate them being a part of your special day, whether or not she has a matching dress.

1. Ask Her To Be Your Ring Warmer
In place of passing your rings around the room for a traditional ring warming, ask a friend to hold the rings during the ceremony and send you off with a good wish before handing them over.
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2. Give Her A Coordinating Corsage
In addition to your bridal party and mothers on both sides, get a corsage that matches your own for your special friends. It’s a small gesture that may go a long way! 
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3. Invite Her To The Bridal Suite
Extend the invitation to get ready in your bridal suite. Hair, makeup and champagne aren’t reserved for bridesmaids. Nothing says, “I want you to be a part of my day,” like offering her some glam time with the rest of your girls. 
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4. Ask Her To Be An Usher
As far as duties go, this one is crucial. Ask a friend to greet your guests at the reception, show them to the escort cards and where to place their gifts. This important responsibility makes her just as visible as your bridesmaids and offers her the opportunity to meet more of your guests. 
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5. Bring Her To A Friends’ Brunch
Make sure your friends know that you’re honored to have them be a part of your day. Plan a small brunch with friends who are not in your bridal party. This is a great opportunity to invite cousins and childhood or college friends who also didn’t make the bridesmaid cut! 
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6. Invite Her To Pre-Wedding Events
Your bridal shower and bachelorette party are traditionally a surprise, but you can drop a hint to your maid of honor to invite a handful of special friends. 
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7. Send A Meaningful Thank You Note
Thank you notes are a must for any wedding. Skip the formal fill-in-the-blank format for gifts in place of a more personalized note thanking your friend for making your wedding day special.
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- Julia Gargiulo & Aliana Heffernan

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