5 Things Every Bride Needs To Know

5 Things Every Bride Needs To Know

They say love is in the details, but sometimes it’s the bigger picture that will truly make your wedding the day you’ve always dreamt about.  Read on for the 5 things every bride should know:  

1. Just before you walk down the aisle, take a big breath, pull your shoulders back, hold your head up high and hold your bouquet as low as possible. This adjustment elongates the body, fills you with confidence and showcases that beautiful dress you've been dying to wear.Courtesy of Jose Villa

2. Remember that your wedding is a turning point in life, not just a big party. It's an opportunity for you and your groom to create a distinctive celebration and make a statement of style to your friends and family, as individuals and as a couple, to be the consummate host and hostess.Courtesy of A Day of Bliss Photography Inc. 

3. Don't ever keep your guests waiting. I have a pact with every bride I work with that the ceremony will start no more than fifteen minutes after the printed invitation time. Courtesy of Samuel Lippke Studios

4. Sneak away from your cocktail hour for 10 minutes and get a glimpse of the dining area before your guests take their seats. You and your groom will have a chance to take in every beautiful detail. Courtesy of A Day of Bliss Photography Inc. 

5. Lastly, have fun! This day is for celebrating, so forget about the things that didn’t go exactly as you had planned and focus on the positive. You just married the love of your life! That’s pretty special.Courtesy of Brian Dorsey Studios 

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