4 Jaw Dropping Moments for Your Wedding

Write LOVE in the sky as you exchange vows--the whole town will know why you’re there!
Colin Miller

We believe that every event should have a Jaw Dropping Moment. Need ideas? Read on...

A Jaw Dropping Moment (JDM) is the one time in the evening where your guests step back and think, "Did I just see that?" It's an unexpected delight, one that will leave them talking about your party well after the honeymoon is over.

JDMs can be either large or small. The more diminutive are usually the result of well-placed details, fantastic timing and a little bit of ingenuity that will give your guests a moment to pause and feel something wonderful.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can also go big and show stopping, something that takes their breath away and makes them think, "Wow!"

The possibilities are endless when you let your imagination take hold. Here are four of our favorite wow-inducers:

1) Interactive Bar or Dance Floor

The magic is in the lighting and what seems like décor can become an interactive art experience for you and your guests. Lights rhythmically move as your guests spin around the dance floor, reacting to the beat of the music; or follow a drink as its passed from bartender to guest, creating an unexpected, colorful experience.

2) Fire Blower or Spinner

Bring on the heat with a little carnival-esque entertainment. Fire blowers or spinners can kick off your reception with a flash, intriguing guests with the danger and beauty of the blaze.

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