15 Ways To Plan The Best Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

15 Ways To Plan The Best Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
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Bachelor and bachelorette parties have gotten a bad name over the years. From strip clubs and pub-crawls to the tacky sashes and crowns or vulgar screen-printed t-shirts, it’s not known to be a classy event. But if you and your spouse aren’t the type to party like rowdy college kids, then here are our favorite alternative party ideas and how to go about planning them. 

The first step when it comes planning an awesome Bachelor or Bachelorette party is assigning someone to plan it! Traditionally, one of the responsibilities of the Best Man and Maid of Honor is to plan the respective Bachelor and Bachelorette parties.

1. For tips on picking your Best Man, be sure to check out Choosing A Best Man.

2. If you’re struggling to determine the responsibilities of your Maid of Honor and bridesmaids, Maid Event is a must read. 

For the Girls:

3. Consider a luxurious sleep over you so you and your bridesmaids can enjoy a night in! Find a hotel with a restaurant, spa, and salon or simply a quaint bed and breakfast. Have dinner and cocktails, then a movie night in one of your rooms with movie candy, popcorn, and wine, followed by a full day at the spa with a sauna, facials, and massages, or brunch al fresco. 

4. If the bride loves the great outdoors, consider taking a surfing or sailing class together! This great if you’re planning a destination wedding, especially if you only have a handful of bridesmaids and close girlfriends attending. If the wedding is a Saturday night, have your friends come on Thursday to extend their vacation and have your outing during the day, so everyone can relax and unwind before the wedding festivities begin!

5. For something a little less time consuming, have an afternoon of pampering. Go to a spa for a massage, mani pedi, and blow out while sipping on champagne. If you do this the day before the wedding, all the girls will be ready for the wedding and not have to rush the morning of!

6. Have a paint night! Whether you go to a studio that specializes at paint night or you go to a local craft store for supplies and invite the women to someone’s home, you’re sure to have fun sipping wine and trying to recreate the Mona Lisa… or at least Bob Ross’ “happy trees”!

7. Learn to cook your favorite sweet. If the bride loves carrot cake, macaroons, or chocolate truffles, find a local culinary school that offers cooking classes for groups and have an evening of confection perfection! 


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For the Boys:

8. Put a twist on the typical bachelor party and enjoy the great outdoors by grabbing the guys and heading to the mountains. Go on a hike, grill outside, and have a few beers (without heading to a casino or club!).

9. For the film-buff groom, pick up 2 or 3 of his favorite classic films, plenty of snacks and drinks, and head to the friend’s home with the biggest TV! For an added bonus, put together a movie trivia game with a special prize for the winner (the Lord of the Rings trilogy director’s edition on DVD, perhaps?). 

10. If the groom has been known to retell stories from his glory days on a varsity team, have a high school sports day. Get your boys to grab their old athletic gear and play your favorite team sports from baseball to basketball to tag football. How can you go wrong with a day like that? 

11. Pretend you’re kids again and go play laser tag, mini golf, paintball, or arcade games. Have a few beers and go have some good old-fashioned fun! And a little friendly competition never hurt. 

12. For a classy gentlemen’s evening, go out for a fancy steak dinner with good red wine. After dinner, pretend you’re in the Golden Age and sip scotch while smoking cigars (cracking jokes about JFK optional).

General Tips for the Boys & Girls:

13. Make sure everyone knows your social media policy! Let your friends know what the wedding hashtag is, if you’ve picked one, and if you have a wedding website, offer guests a way to share photo albums digitally. However, even the tamest party can result in some unflattering pictures. Make sure that guests know what photos may end up on Facebook or Instagram before they’re uploaded! For more social media etiquette, take a peek at our handy guide here.

14. Figure out who is paying for what in advance. Normally, the bride and groom should have their expenses covered for them. Whether or not this is paid for by the Best Man and Maid of Honor or everyone at the party chips in is up to the group.

15. Decide on a guest list and keep it small. A bachelor or bachelorette party is meant to be an intimate party with the bride or groom’s closest friends. Only BFFs and the bridal party should make the cut! There’s no need to send out formal invitations by mail, but Greenvelope offers a gorgeous variety of e-vites, including Colin’s collection.

For more wedding etiquette, read through our Ask Colin articles like, “What Is The Biggest Wedding Etiquette Don’t?” and “Do You Have Any Advice For An Excellent Best Man’s Speech?”.

-Aliana Heffernan

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