10 Wedding Planning Hacks That Will Make Your Life *So* Much Easier

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Oh the stress of wedding planning.  There’s no way around it, planning your wedding is time-consuming and can be a serious stressor during what should be the happiest time of your life. We beg of you, drop the burden and enjoy your days as a loving fiancé. We have you covered with the 10 wedding planning hacks that will make your life so much easier. 

1. Number RSVP Cards
You’ll be glad you did. When Aunt Sally (aka number 14) comes back in the mail with an enthusiastic “YES” you’ll know exactly where she’s seated. On the flip side, if number 24 doesn’t come back, you know exactly who to call!Some Kind Of Lovely Ride

2. Color-Coordinated Seating
This one is an absolute must in our book. Know at-a-glance who is on whose side of the family, who is a friend, and coworker with handy colored post-it notes.Something Turquoise

3. Registry App
Registering has never been this simple. Apps like Zola’s Wedding Registry allow you to register for any item in any store by scanning the barcode! Don’t limit yourself to one store, scan that Gilmore Girls Series bundle if you want!Zola

4. Wedding Website
Directions? Check. Weather, photos, itinerary? Check, check and check. Provide your guests with all of the information their little hearts desire without having to dish it all out via text message the day of.Minted

5. Wedding Planner App
About that binder…ditch it. Organize all of your wedding information into one easy-to-use (and most importantly light) app, like the adorably named Appy Couple. Appy Couple

6. No Hand Stamping
Instead of developing carpal tunnel before your wedding day, buy a personalized stamp complete with your names and address. Your hand will thank you later. Designed By King Fisher via Etsy

7. Cut Back On The Cake
This one will save you time and money! If you know you want the classic tiered wedding cake, opt for a smaller version of your dream cake for the cutting ceremony and buy a sheet cake for serving.Jeffrey C. Gleason Photography

8. E-Vite
An e-vite will save you days of work and hundreds of dollars! Plus they’re totally gorgeous these days and your guests will appreciate being able to open up your invite anytime and place for wedding info.Greenvelope

9. Kids Corner
Make your life and the lives of your guests easier on your wedding day by pre-planning an activity for your tiny guests.Amber Rhodes Photography

10. Day-Of De-Stress
You’ll pat yourself on the back for this on the honeymoon. You may feel like you’ve thought of everything and nothing can go wrong, but don’t forget to play the ace in your back pocket. Hire someone that can take care of everything the day-of so you can let loose.Freestone Photography


--Julia Gargiulo

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