10 Ways To Prevent Your Wedding From Becoming A Pinterest FAIL

10 Ways To Prevent Your Wedding From Becoming A Pinterest Fail

We all know weddings can be expensive, but in recent years, brides-to-be have followed countless Pinterest DIYs and YouTube tutorials in order to cut costs. However, with so much to take care of for the Big Day, sometimes brides try to take on too much. At the end of the day, certain things should be left to the professionals. Here is our best advice on what you can DIY and what is worth the expense. 

The Best Things You Can Do Yourself: 

1. Centerpieces
If it is a small wedding, feel free to take the reins and channel your inner designer. Things like lanterns and mason jars will quickly become your best friends. Adding dimension with different size jars and candles is key, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different lighting and fruits or herbs. 
 Photo by Blake Acosta 

2. Wedding Favors
Potted plants, customized matchbooks, s’mores kits, and linen bags filled with spice mixes, are just some of the many favors you can make yourself. For some more wedding favor inspiration, be sure to check out 12 Best Edible Wedding Favors or 11 Fresh Wedding Favors For The Eco-Chic Couple
Image courtesy of Mike Carreiro 

3. Table Numbers & Place Cards
If you decided on a color scheme, this is the best time to really have fun with it, and cards don’t have to be super elaborate or complicated. Consider making floral or glitter table numbers.
Image courtesy of Dan Stewart Photography 


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4. Ring Bearer Pillow
No matter who’s carrying it, this pillow can be sewn with silk ribbon and felt or woven fabric and kept in your living room for years after.
Image courtesy of Megan Reeves Photography 


5. Hair & Makeup
While it’s nice to have a stylist and makeup artist do your makeup, it can be a major expense. Having at least two people come to do the hair and makeup of you and your bridesmaids will cost a pretty penny, but may not be necessary. If you do your hair and makeup on a daily basis anyway, there are plenty of hair styles and makeup looks that you can achieve on your own. As an alternative, you can buy a new eye shadow palette for each of your bridesmaids so everyone can coordinate. 
Image courtesy of Ira Lippke Studios, makeup by Anabelle LaGuardia 

The Worst Things You Can Do Yourself:

6. Invitations & Save-the-Dates
With the broad variety of invitations available for order online today, there’s no reason why you should spend hours printing hundreds of sheets of paper. Professional-quality cardstock and envelopes will always look better. If paper invitations are out of reach, consider e-vites – they can be just as stunning as mailed cards and at the same time, provide an environmentally friendly solution!  
Image courtesy of Invitations By Dawn

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7. Bouquets & Boutonnieres

Your grandma may have kept a garden in her backyard for years, but choosing flowers and ensuring that they don’t droop should be left to a florist. You can save some money by choosing in-season blooms and opt for more affordable flowers that are perhaps less extravagant, yet just as pretty. As far as boutonnieres go, Pinterest or YouTube may help you create your own, however, the task will be time consuming, using time better spent on another DIY project.
Image Courtesy of Megan Reeves Photography  

8. Cake
Even if you own a bakery and have rolling pins and all around your kitchen, this is one thing you do not want to bog you down on your special day. Your co-workers may also be guests, and they probably don’t want to run to the wedding with flour on their face!
Cake by Katherine Sprules 

9. Photography
Hiring a friend who might get distracted and stop to chat with guests may not be the best idea. The last thing you want is to look back on the day and be disappointed with what you see. The day will go by in a flash and you’ll want to remember it for years, so hiring a professional should definitely be included in your budget.
Photo by Colin Miller

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10. Dress
You may have some old curtains lying around (see: Gone With The Wind), but watching a few seasons of Project Runway doesn’t mean you’re a dress designer! This is the biggest “no” you could ever commit in preparation of your wedding – trust us. 
Image courtesy of Elena Wolfe 

- Stacey Schimmel & Aliana Heffernan

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