10 Minutes With: Troy Curtis

Entertainer and Entrepreneur

Meet Troy Curtis: singer, actor and entrepreneur. We spoke to Troy about what brides and grooms should look for in wedding day entertainment.

Troy Curtis knows a thing or two about the entertainment biz. He has transitioned from adolescent star (beginning with being the first non-Spanish speaking member of the well-known group, Menudo, during their MDO era to playing heartthrob Nico Castaneda in Guiding Light) to an entrepreneurial entertainment machine. He understands what it takes to delight audiences everywhere.

Take that knowledge, pool it with some of the best talent out there today and you have Troy Curtis Group, his latest venture. Troy provides his clients with a diverse range of entertainers from DJs to aerialists and may even offer up his own skills as the MC or host to pump up the energy and get the party started. With Troy Curtis Group, he’s gone one step further and created an experience wedding guests may have never seen before.

Tell us a little bit about Troy Curtis Group. What do you specialize in?
What Troy Curtis Group has created is an experience where the DJ meets the band. I’ve been to weddings where the live cover didn’t match the energy of the original, and I’ve been to weddings where the DJ didn’t capture the energy of a live performance. Our package includes a DJ, three vocalists, a saxophonist, and an electric violinist so you get the best of both worlds.

How would a bride or groom find the right entertainment for their wedding?
I feel each individual is different and has his or her own sense of style. For the rocker bride I would select a rock string section: two electric violins and an electric cellist. For the more conservative bride, I would go classical; maybe choose a harpist or flute for the ceremony. With a destination wedding we could go tropical with a Calypso band or Latin guitarist.

What makes Troy Curtis Group different from other entertainment companies?
I’m constantly out there finding new artists and creating new concepts. I’ve been in the music business for the past 15 years so I know what it takes to curate amazing talent. I’m constantly auditioning musicians and creating unique musical experiences. My motto is that no party is ever the same and every moment is unique.

How should music flow for the reception?
Cocktails can start out with a live band that fits the theme and style of the wedding. It could be blue grass, swing, classical. When it flows into the main room, guests should walk into high energy, which can be provided by a DJ, band or both. This part of the night is all about dancing, letting lose, celebrating life and celebrating the two people coming together.

How do you collaborate with your clients on choosing entertainment?
Each couple is unique, so I make sure I get to know them really well. It’s important to understand both their personalities and their music tastes. I usually ask them a series of questions like:

  • What are the top three albums you’re listening to now?
  • What are your favorite genres of music? For example, do you like classical or rock music?
  • Have you ever considered aerialists, dancers, or any other live performers that might fit your wedding theme?

What's the most unique wedding you've ever worked on?
A destination wedding in the Bahamas with a party on the beach. We had fire spinners, a burlesque show, contortionists, aerialists and a DJ with live saxophonist and violinist.

What do you think is the biggest challenge about entertaining a wedding crowd?
I come from a background of entertainment, so there is no challenge to me. It’s about reading the crowd, having that intuition about when the right time is to bring the music down or bring it up.

How do you motivate a crowd if they're not dancing?
It’s all about connecting with the crowd and being intimate with the guests. It’s not about screaming on the mic, but it’s about speaking to the crowd and engaging with them.

What are the last five songs you listened to on your iPhone?
My favorite song right now is Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5, but my favorite singer at the moment is Bruno Mars. The last five songs I’ve listened to are:

  1. Adele Someone Like You
  2. Adele Rolling in the Deep
  3. David Guetta Without U featuring Usher
  4. Gavin DeGraw’s Not Over You
  5. Black Eyed Peas I Got A Feeling

How do you like to end a reception or after party? Should slow songs always be saved for the last dance?
I like to end the night on a high. The slow song should never be saved for last, it should be in the middle of the event or right up front. The guests are waiting for this moment.

What is one thing you wish every bride, groom or audience member knew about entertaining a crowd?
It’s all about the music, timing and flow of the event.

Thank you Troy.

--Karell Roxas

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