10 Minutes With: Gary Kaplan

As a second-generation photographer, Gary Kaplan knows the business of turning life’s passing moments into beautiful memories. It was only eight years ago that he dove head first into the wedding industry and the results have been amazing.

Gary has not only created a fantastic business in Gary Kaplan Photography, but has also helped develop the talent of the team behind it. Shelby Kaplan serves as a lead photographer and assists with editing and postproduction. “One night he told me that I must have passion and love for what I do, and if I truly have passion and love I will gain more than just success, I will truly be content with life and where I am going.”

Natasha Kaplan is also a lead photographer and the studio manager at Gary Kaplan Photography. “In the beginning, Gary taught me to slow down and wait for the moment. That is a very important piece of advice for photography and life. You can feel when something is about to happen and sometimes the best thing you can do is take a deep breath and wait for the magic."

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