10 Minutes With: Christian Oth


Snapping wedding photos is no small task. A couple entrusts recording one of the most significant days of their lives with one person and his or her camera.

Photographer Christian Oth is one of the most highly sought after wedding photographers in the business. He turns the many moments of your wedding day into a visual feast that will last a lifetime.

In between shots, we sat down with Christian to get his expert advice on how to get the best pictures on your big day.

How did you end up in your profession?
Photography is something I wanted to do ever since I was a teenager. I tried ‘safer’ careers, but now I can say I’m so glad I went out there and trusted my gut instinct.

What is the best part of your job?
What’s not to love? I live, work, simply, am a photographer. It’s my dream profession and continues to be. I have an extremely interesting life because of it. I meet the most extraordinary people and have travelled to the most incredible places.

Tell us about your favorite trend happening in wedding photography right now.

Is shooting honest, authentic pictures a look or a trend? Perhaps it’s the level of skill involved to generate these pictures in the first place, but I’m convinced that wedding photography itself should not alter the wedding. The real skill for the photographer is to feed off the couple’s energy and capture it on camera. So the trend should be to hire a damn good photographer. No question about that.

Who, what and where inspires you?
The who, what and where is different every time I shoot. Sometimes all three are inspirational, sometimes only two. I certainly like it when all three come together.

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