These Impossibly Adorable Wedding Videos Prove Dogs Really ARE Man's BFF

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It's your wedding day and you want your close friends and family there to support you, but what about your most loyal friend of all? Who else greets you as if you're the queen of England everytime you walk through the door. It's hard to find someone more loving and loyal than your pup, aside from your husband-to-be, of course! If you're a serious dog person, or a person who's serious about their dog, you may want to see these adorable paw-friendly videos!

1. This sweetheart can't wait to help his humans tie the knot. Just look at that focus!

2. This video is guaranteed to be more suspenseful (and adorable) than any Bond film you've ever seen.

3. This couple ditched bouquets and used their wedding photos to bring awareness to a worthy cause: PUPPIES! And adoption of course!

4. Always teach your dog to play fetch. You never know when it's going to come in handy!

Remember, not every dog is equipped to handle this responsibility...

Some pups want to be the center of attention!

Others just want to have fun!

--Julia Gargiulo

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