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Meet Ellen Weldon

The renowned stationer and calligrapher will help you find your own individual wedding style.

When it comes to a wedding planning pedigree, Ellen Weldon has the lineage. She’s known as a master of sublime, custom-made invitation design, but it could be said that wedding know-how is in her blood. Her mother is Sylvia Weinstock, one of the nation’s most famous wedding cake makers.

Yet Ellen’s path to greatness didn’t start in her mother’s kitchen. Rather, her roots as a calligrapher and stationer began at Cartier, where she created designs for their holiday cards and did the calligraphy for their invitations. Her big break came when Mrs. Estée Lauder asked Weldon to do her personal invitations. “I jumped at the chance,” recalls the stationer. Once Lauder started to refer Weldon to her well-heeled friends, Ellen Weldon Design LLC, an appointment-only Fifth Avenue studio, was born.

For over twenty years, Ellen has created her own line of papers with a seamless envelope as well as mixed artisanal papers with accents gathered from around the globe. Now, Weldon imparts her insights on how you can select the finest wedding invitations that speak to your own divinely personal style.

In an age of fancy new digital ways to communicate, does the art of the invitation still hold resonance? “This is the most important impression of your most special occasion and you want it to be meaningful and unforgettable,” says Weldon. “The digital age has brought amazing opportunities to communicate instantly with our friends and family. However, there is nothing like receiving a real invitation in the mail or a thank you note written by hand. I have many clients who collect invitations and will bring me files for inspiration when it is their big day. The artistry and effort we put into each and every invitation can be seen and felt and translates directly to our clients.” 

Weldon, however, is no Luddite. Where does she get her ongoing inspiration for one-of-a-kind designs, year after year for client after client? “The Internet is a tremendous resource. We can search for beach shells and reveal images that would have taken days to amass, all there on the screen in front of us. It is brilliant!” Offline, Weldon recommends that brides-to-be embrace all kinds of images to hone their own wedding style. Just stepping outside, says Weldon, offers ideas, “From the colors and styles people wear on the streets to the show of the natural world around us in our public parks, along with visits to museums, art galleries and exhibitions.”

Weldon’s fountain of creative ideas always begins with a sit-down with the engaged couple. This meeting provides the foundation for fully grasping what kind of affair the couple has in mind, from formal to casual, traditional to quirky.

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