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Lux Linens for Your Reception

Looking to add a little oomph to your reception décor? Go beyond standard white and jump into the land of luxurious linens. From intricate patterns to a splash of color, the options are nearly endless. Resource One tells you everything you need to know.

Oh, the conundrum. Pastel Carnaby? Tokyo Gold? Oyster Jacquard? It’s a common situation for a bride seeking the most sumptuous linens and table settings for her wedding. Luckily, resources abound in this arena and Resource One is one of our favorites. As the premier place for the finest luxury tabletop fabrics, decorative pieces and furniture beyond your wildest imagination, you’ll find it hard to pick just one collection for the reception décor of your dreams.

Situated in Los Angeles, but with linens available to be shipped anywhere in the world, Roberta Karsch, CEO and founder of Resource One, draws on her deep knowledge of high fashion and cutting-edge home design to offer event planners like our own Colin Cowie and DIY brides the most gorgeous items on the market.

We sat down with Roberta so she could impart her wisdom on all things related to fabric—even how to save money—for your reception, as well as for your home. (This fall, Resource One is launching a line of linens you can buy for the home on their website.). You’ll never look at your table the same way again.

Touch Point

“The more tactile the linens the better,” advises Karsch. From silver paillettes (similar to sequins) to saffron soutache (similar to a brocade), trimmings added to the basic table linens, napkins and chair covers add a deeper dimension and level of interest for your guests. They don’t just want to look at but also touch your setups.

Save Money On Decorating A Big Room

When you’re on a budget, you can cut corners by splurging on a fabulous check-in table, head table or cake table with the rest of the dining tables made up in more solid or basic decorations. “Really knock them out of the park with a gorgeous check-in table and your guests will remember that table and not the rest,” Karsch says.

Layer It On

For a more lux look, go for an overlay fabric to place over your heavyweight base linen. “It’s basically a visual and is not necessary but can be a fantastic accent, like wearing a plain dress with a great belt,” says Karsch. “But it is better to have no overlay than one that’s sloppy or shopworn.” The same goes for the basic fabric underneath. “Too many brides use a very cheap base cloth underneath to cut corners but this only detracts from the overlay, ending up being a real waste of a bride’s money,” Karsch shares.

Skimp On Quantity

A better way to save? “There’s no real need to decorate the entire room with elaborate table and chair covers. If you can, alternate between chairs with dressier covers and those with simpler ones, like a bow or even keeping it bare if the chair is stylish,” recommends Karsch.

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