Presenting…Our Wings of Love Couples

They Tied the Knot on The Most Romantic Day of the Year

It wasn’t a typical Tuesday for the Empire State Building or

Four couples—including the first same sex couple to get legally married on top of the Empire State building—exchanged vows on the 61st floor on February 14, 2012. We were there helping to create and execute these amazing weddings for Steph & Lela, Phil & Shawn, Angela & Lubin and Paula & Enrique--our Wings of Love Valentine’s Day contest winners.

It was a journey that started with a video camera rolling. To enter the contest, each couple created a two-minute video entry explaining what makes their love soar and why they want to get married at the Empire State Building. We received hundreds of submissions, so the winners needed to stand out in personality, originality of video concept and sincerity of emotions.

After picking the 16 semi-finalists, it was left up to the public to vote on whom the four winners should be—a task not to be taken lightly. The ever-enthusiastic Lubin not only encouraged and asked his friends and family to vote everyday, but he also created special “Colin Cards” to hand out with information on the contest and how to vote for Angela & Lubin to be a winning couple.

We’ll be sharing all the highlights, wedding trends and inspiring details we incorporated into each of the four weddings, but first here’s an overview of our four awe-inspiring couples (they really make you believe in the power of love!).

Please meet…

  • Steph & Lela—Hailing from Alaska, this power couple was ready for a wedding adventure. Though Lela admitted she wanted a simple wedding at first, Steph always wanted something grander because, as she states, “Lela deserves it.” These ladies are fiercely in love. They had always planned to get married in New York City on Valentine’s Day and when they discovered our contest, it was pure kismet. Their wedding was a glamorous breakfast wedding with a monochromatic white Winter Wonderland theme.
  • Phil & Shawn—NYC is Phil & Shawn’s hometown and when they met at The Roxy 18 years ago, it sparked a love that’s still burning strong. Though they are already in a domestic partnership, the passage of the gay marriage bill in New York meant they could take their relationship to the highest level of commitment. “It’s official,” Shawn said. “Being married means being committed in every aspect—emotional, legal, spiritual.” Their wedding was a sophisticated but casual brunch wedding with bold tropical colors and an Indochine theme.
  • Angela & Lubin—These two nurses from Northern California caught our eye with their King Kong inspired video entry. Lubin dressed up in a gorilla suit to be the ultimate Kong and they also handcrafted their own version of the Empire State Building to create an authentic video backdrop. Not only were Angela and Lubin an amazing and light-hearted couple, but their entire wedding guest list was one large group of fun. At one point, the crowd did the “wave” around the dining table, eliciting giggles and cheer. Their wedding was a sophisticated afternoon tea party with a gray and pink color palette.
  • Paula & Enrique—Currently residing in Greenwich, Connecticut, this couple originally planned to be married in Paula’s home country of Mexico. Unfortunately, the wedding was canceled due to the Swine Flu epidemic, during which no one could fly into or out of Mexico. As years passed, Paula and Enrique built their lives together, but when Paula discovered the Wings of Love contest, she knew it was their second chance at getting the wedding they never had. Paula and Enrique’s wedding was a black-tie sit-down dinner with a color palette of persimmon and chocolate. Luckily, persimmon is Paula’s favorite color.

--Karell Roxas

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