Bride of the Week: Raquel Poblete Maltz

The wedding day was going to be rainy. It seemed inevitable. Every event leading up Raquel and Daniel’s big day – the engagement party and shoot, the bridal shower, the bachelor party – had been rained on. June 16th, however, turned out to be a beautiful Saturday without a cloud in the sky. The flawless weather was a good omen for their New York City nuptials, with a traditional church ceremony and a reception at the Roosevelt Hotel.

Raquel put extensive time and effort into researching of her vendors, making sure she assembled just the right team to make her vision for her wedding a reality. She used that same attention to detail when it came to creating her look for the event. After falling in love with a pair of earrings Princess Diana had worn, Raquel had a family friend sketch out the design. Her mother then took her own pearl and diamond earrings to a jeweler and had them recreate the royal set for Raquel.

A pearl theme was woven throughout the evening. In addition to Raquel's earrings, the Sylvia Weinstock cake was draped in sugar pearls. The couple gave their wedding attendants pearl gifts - matching earrings and bracelets for the bridesmaids, and studs and cufflinks for the groomsmen. Finally, guests that evening went home with mother-of-pearl picture frames as favors.

The bride added another unique personal touch at her reception. As a professional flutist, Raquel paid tribute to her departed father with a beautiful rendition of Fauré’s Morceau de Concours. One of her bridesmaids, a close friend from college, accompanied her on piano, adding another layer of meaning to a love-filled performance. 

-- Nicole Sult

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