Bride of the Week: Keshawn Hughes

Once Upon a Millennium

When Keshawn and J.R. first sat down to brainstorm the list of creative words they wanted their wedding day to capture, they set out to describe a celebration where whimsy and practicality meet. Romantic, feminine, easy, interactive, poetic, imaginative, rhythmic and fun came together in an event they can only describe as Once Upon a Millennium. 

Keshawn’s love of grand architecture and the Rococo period was balanced by J.R.’s easy-going demeanor, resulting in a mix of majestic archways, lush floral arrangements and harps with popsicles, balloons and fried chicken, putting their fun-loving, whimsical romance on display for all of their guests. Keshawn’s favorite moment of the day occurred just after the ceremony. She and her groom, along with a trumpeter playing Big Easy tunes, led their guests in a processional through Atlanta, Georgia's Atlantic Station to the reception. Spectators honked and cheered, and a truck full of firemen turned on their sirens and stopped traffic to allow the revelers to cross the street.

From firemen to party crashers to a late-night popsicle toast, Keshawn and J.R.’s marriage started with a bang, giving them wonderful memories to look back on for years to come.



--Jaimie Schoen

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