Bride of the Week: Jessie

Bride of the Week Jessie makes her way down the aisle at the Oklahoma City country club where she spent time as a child.

Meet our first Bride of the Week.

Before Jessie and her groom, Brian, were whisked away from their reception by horse-drawn carriage at the stroke of midnight, before Jessie changed out of her Vera Wang bridal gown and into her "Just Married" Watters white leavers-lace mini-dress, before Jessie made her grand entrance at the church on the arm of her father, Jessie sat in her dressing room crafting one of the most important and private details of the night: a hand-written message to her betrothed.

Jessie didn't settle for a sleepy, predictable family affair. Rather than a staid, sit-down meal, guests were treated to fried chicken, southern-style, mashed potatoes--even a mac-and-cheese bar.

"Brian and I decided to exchange little notes before the wedding. It was something so simple but so special," recalls Jessie, who had their videographer ferry the sealed envelopes between the dressing room. "When I got my note, a million emotions rushed through my mind. It brought tears to my eyes. I was so surprised by how profound it felt to read what Brian wrote to me. But it really brought home that I was getting married to this person today and it was so emotional."

Coming home was indeed a huge part of Jessie's big day. In the beginning of her planning, Jessie toyed with holding her wedding in Dallas, Texas. She lives and works there, as the marketing coordinator for Watters, the bridal fashion company. Brian, her husband, also hails from the city.

After some serious thinking, she realized she had to marry back in Oklahoma City where she grew up, at the very same Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club where she spent a lot of her time with her family. "I was hesitant at first. I have so many friends who just got married there. But then I realized it didn't matter. It's where I was meant to be."

Yet Jessie didn't settle for a sleepy, predictable family affair. For one, she surrounded herself with an impressive 11 bridesmaids. There was her sister, Brian's two sisters, six friends from high school and two from college.

"It was a lot but there was no way I could leave any of them out of it. I am very lucky to have such amazing friends and family." She also made sure there were some surprises in store for her guests at the reception. "Even though the venue is so familiar to me, I wanted everyone to come away from my wedding saying, 'Wow, that was a blast."

Rather than a staid, sit-down meal, guests were treated to fried chicken, southern-style mashed potatoes--even a mac-and-cheese bar. Jessie also hired an amazing band that ensured everyone--even her grandparents--couldn't resist the dance floor.

But the clincher was the retro '80s style fashion accessories passed around to the unsuspecting guests: Waiters served sunglasses and glow sticks in hot-pink, neon green and electric yellow on silver trays about an hour into the reception. "Those were a huge hit!" recalls Jessie with a laugh. "It's still hard to believe how everything that day went by so fast!"

--Erinn Bucklan

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