Bride Of The Week: Dessire Ramirez

Dessire, an entertainment producer, invited guests to an elegant yet festive Miami wedding.
A Pico Studios

Lights! Camera! Love!

Dessire Ramirez was the producer of Univision’s Objetivo Fatima when she first met the show’s host, Orlando (or Orly) Leon. While mixing business with pleasure wasn’t on either of their minds at the start of taping in 2004, Dessire does recall how people noticed their chemistry immediately. It was only when the season wrapped in June 2005 that, as friends foretold, the charismatic Miami couple became an item.

Sharing ties in the vibrant Miami entertainment industry became a strength for the couple as they dated, pursued their careers and fell in love. The only time their public image risked getting in the way? When Orly decided to surprise propose in 2010 at the Estefan boutique hotel Costa D’Este in Vero Beach, Florida. That’s because to Dessire, it seemed that the moment they arrived at this picturesque property, Orly was being swept away by the staff. She was told that that they were eager to present him (now a popular radio host) with details about the resort that could be featured on his show. (In reality it was all part of Orly’s plan for that night.) Dessiree was not pleased.

“What was supposed to be a romantic weekend seemed to be turning into a networking social,” thought Desiree as she gulped down a mojito alone and watched hotel staff on the beach set up for what she was told was a “Sunset Party” that night. Dinner that evening didn’t seem to get better. Storm clouds loomed overhead, a property manager once again pulled Orly away “to show him one of their event spaces” and the “Sunset Party” was disassembled. Plus, upon his return, Orly said he wasn’t feeling well and wanted to skip dessert. So, he asked, before going upstairs to bed, could Dessire take a look at the room that he’d just seen for a future show?

There, in the hotel’s Crystal Room, Dessire saw flowers, candles, Champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries. (The property manager’s interruption at dinner was to notify Orly that the planned proposal on the beach at the supposed “Sunset Party” had to take place indoors due to the inclement weather). “When I turned to look at Orly he was down on one knee and Carlos Baute’s song Me Quiero Casar Contigo was playing in the background.” Making their romantic weekend of all weekends complete, Dessire said yes to Orly’s proposal.

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