Bride of the Week: Andrea Green

After years of friendship and dating, Andrea and Brandon finally tied the knot on a date with special significance: it is both of their grandmothers' birthday.
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For Andrea Hansborough, fifteen is a magic number. It took that many years for her to say, “I do” to the love of her life, Brandon Green.

They’d dated on and off over the years, always staying in touch and remaining friends, but it wasn’t until her birthday that she came to grasp that he was “The One.” “I realized I didn’t want to be without him any longer and needed to let him know I was in love with him,” she said.

Shortly after, Brandon surprised Andrea with a ring box. “It’s funny because when I think back on it, I assumed it was ‘the box’ because he hadn’t even opened it before I started screaming. I’m glad it wasn’t a pair of earrings!” she shares.

Once she said yes, Andrea, an event planner, let no detail go astray in her wedding arrangements, down to the specific date of the nuptials. She chose her beloved deceased grandmother’s birthday, April 7th, for her big day. The fact that Brandon’s grandmother also shared the same birthday made the occasion even more special for both families.

In fact, family was a very important consideration throughout the planning. For example, though the couple resides in Washington, D.C., they chose to host their 100 guests at a Marriott Hotel in Maryland. “It was centrally located and easy for everyone to get to,” the bride explains. It was an added plus that the hotel’s lush verdant décor reminded Andrea of an oasis and was decorated in the same colors as her wedding—black, ivory and red—to make it the ideal location to say “I do.”

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