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RSVPs for Any Budget

Imagine your guests' surprise when they find an ornately gilded invitation to your wedding in their mailbox.
Lehr and Black

When you can’t afford Lehr & Black, the finest stationer for Hollywood’s elite and beyond, you can at least look like you did. Read on for smart, budget-friendly tips from owner Ellen Black.

Ellen Black, stationery savant and half of the sister-brother duo that makes up Lehr & Black.

Lehr and Black

Little did Marcia Lehr know that when she started addressing envelopes for five cents each to earn a little extra cash 40 years ago, her family’s stationery business would grow to become the toast of Hollywood’s elite. Today, Lehr & Black (named for Marcia’s son-and-daughter team Sol Lehr and Ellen Black, who now run the business) has been behind celebrity wedding invitations for everyone from Adam Sandler and Gwen Stefani to Fergie, Britney Spears and the Kardashians.

So, what’s the secret behind creating fabulous, timeless designs that sometimes last, er, longer than the marriages Lehr & Black have helped announce? We asked Ellen Black, co-owner, to tell us her secrets to successful stationery styles while cutting down on the cost.

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