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Save The Date Inspiration

Luxury for Less - handmade water color Save the Date cards.

Your save the date is the first important piece of communication to send out about the big day.

Not only does it offer pertinent information for the invited (the date! the location!), it also offers guests a sneak peek into what's to come for the celebration.

Victorian script may create expectations of a formal wedding. Modern calligraphy indicates something more casual. Thick letterpress is often more elaborate than digital, and if your Save the Date is a video--well, watch out!

Whatever your plans for the ceremony, there's a unique save the date to match. Here are 11 of our favorites to inspire and intrigue:

Tropical Breeze

Evoke a beachy feeing so guests will practically feel a breeze as they open these destination save the date cards. Invitations By Dawn’s collection with Colin Cowie offers an elegant display of palm branches and contrasting lattice.

Designer: Colin Cowie, available from
Price: $108 for 110.99

Great Expectations

Great Expectations
Maemae Paperie

Evocative of a Seurat painting, this postcard save the date was designed with an art-deco themed wedding in mind. Authentic 1920's fonts and bold border details capture the elegance of the era, and the event to come.

Designer: Maemae Paperie
Price: $430 for 100

Aviation Inspired

Aviation Inspired
Brian Hurst of The Quiet Society

Designed for his own nuptials, Brian Hurst's aviation-inspired save the date is a great choice for any destination wedding. The unique ticket shape is printed with a sublime color palette of plum, green, gray and black, and folds to a compact 5"x7" for mailing.

Designer: Brian Hurst of The Quiet Society
Price: Prices vary based on paper and printing methods--contact Brian for more info

The Bookish Type

The Bookish Type
Marabou Design

Marabou's save the date mini-books are a work of art themselves. Inspired by a mixture of contemporary art and architecture, each page of modern topography is customizable. And the stylized silhouettes work for any wedding, from over the top avant gard to charmingly artistic DIY.

Designer: Marabou Design, available from
Price: $326 for 95
Photography: Leo Patrone Photography

A Victorian Wedding

A Victorian Wedding
Elum Designs

Available in black, truffle or velvet, this subtle design incorporates a petite, scalloped border and classic silhouette to create an altogether Victorian feel. A wonderful save the date for any elegant, timeless affair.

Designer: Elum Designs, available from
Price: $119 for 100

A Twist on Traditional With a Modern Floral

A Twist on Traditional with a Modern Floral
Dauphine Design

A bold floral pattern of charcoals and yellows, the tri-fold Marinwood design manages modernity while still possessing traditional sentiment. Letterpress printing gives this save the date a splendid, extravagant appeal.

Designer: Dauphine Press
Price: $1,065 for 100

Welcome to the Sand and Surf

Welcome to the Sand and Surf
Alex Elko Design

These flat printed beauties are reminiscent of a postcard from 1950's Hawaii. Polarized coloring give the palm trees a looming feel, brightened by the opalescent skyline and banded billboard font. Can you say Aloha?

Designer: Alex Elko Design, available from
Price: $190 for 100

Eco Fabulous in a Cherry Veneer

Eco Fabulous in a Cherry Veneer
Rachael Nicole Photography

Real wood and a rustic design set the tone for this eco-inspired save the date. Whether you love the earth or not, it's hard to resist the luxurious texture of this postcard print. And the design itself is customizable to suit any style.

Designer: Lilah Paper
Price: $275 for 100 ($425 for custom design)
Photography: Rachael Nicole Photography

Textured Elegance

Textured Elegance
Sarah Hawkins Designs

This unique ticket-shaped save the date is all about texture. Printed with an antique style banner and dainty swirls, the design has an unmistakable hand-made, vintage feel with a twist. Available in ore, bark and dijon.

Designer: Sarah Hawkins Designs, available from
Price: $159 for 100

Luxury For Less

Luxury for Less
Oh So Beautiful Paper

If you're hoping for a more personal look, these watercolor save the dates from Antiquaria are the way to go. With just a few materials (paper, watercolor, brushes, and a stamp of your choosing) and three steps, you can create your own inventive announcements and each one will be truly unique.

You can find the tutorial to make these fun, modern save the dates on Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Designer: You!
Price: Cost of materials

Video Save the Date

Video Save The Date
Lori Hoffman & Eric Meller

This animated save the date, created by the bride and groom, has a playfulness and graphic style that blends seamlessly with their paper invitations, reception decor, and favors. "Anybody with a camera can make their own save the date," Lori Hoffman, the bride, says. "We wanted to tell our story from the time we started dating up until the time we got engaged." Of course, it probably helps to have a talented fiancé to collaborate with.

Designer: Lori HoffmanEric Meller
Price: Free, if you make it yourself

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