Luxe for Less: Bright Ideas

By projecting images onto the walls, an indoor event is transported to the great outdoors.
Inspiration Image provided by Levy Lighting NYC

String Effect

The term “up-lighting” describes a technique where a well-situated floor light shines upward toward an architectural element of interest like a column. But renting a pro to set up a rented fixture in Michigan, for example, can cost upwards of $40 each. Is it worth it?

Research shows that this price may be right--in some areas of the country. If you were considering this as a DIY project and considering buying your own PAR cans (or stage lights) and gels, skip it. It will even out to the same price (plus, unless you’re in a rock band anyway, what are you going to do with these fixtures after your honeymoon?).

In other parts of the country, like Chicago, for example, some vendors like will rent you the equipment for as little $19 because you have to set it up yourself. Of course, the cheapest, if it fits with a more laid-back wedding theme, is stringing festive white bistro lights instead--available for as little as $33 for 53-feet--on columns, tree trunks or other elements of interest. Now that’s a steal!

--Erinn Bucklan

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