Luxe for Less: Bright Ideas

Chandelier silhouettes projected onto sheer fabric hanging from the ceiling add the illusion of light while posing as an art piece.
Inspiration Image provided by Levy Lighting NYC

When you’re on a budget, here are five ways you can use lighting tricks from the pros to create the ambiance you deserve.

From gobos to up-lighting, washes to pin-spotting, the lingo for lighting design can sound so intimidating; you may be tempted to skip this essential entirely. “It’s functional and dramatic. The right lighting can transform a room’s atmosphere,” says Ira Levy, owner of Levy Lighting, LLC in New York City. But when hiring the pros can cost thousands of dollars, what’s a bride on a budget to do?

Read on for five enlightening ways to add lighting effects to your wedding that work with any cost restrictions.

Awash the Perimeter

According to Levy, when you’re hiring a pro but need to pare down on the number of lights you rent, go for illuminating the edges of the room first. “A room can look dead without perimeter lighting,” says Levy. He recommends splurging on beautiful pink light along the outer bounds of the room, and then skipping the lights that shine on each table, called pin lighting, to save money. Instead, use something beautiful and inexpensive like candles to light your tables.

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