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Stationery Trends: Stamping

Answer this: what's an easy, affordable way to add interest and personalization to your wedding invite in just one press?

It's pretty easy to get obsessive about stamping, as many stationers will tell you. There are so many appealing options available. Whether you're looking for a small detail, a border to add to your printed stationary or a new way to create a classic look, there's sure to be a stamp that exists.

Let's Count the Ways

Versatility rules when it comes to stamps. How many different ways can one use a stamp? Here are four to get you started:

  1. Monograms. Use a stamp to leave your mark on the outside of an envelope, thank you cards, or even your cocktail napkins (just make sure you have enough ink!)
  2. Calligraphy. Hiring a calligrapher to address all your return envelopes could cost more than you're looking for. Take a short cut and create a custom stamp with your return address--getting the look for a whole lot less.
  3. Emblematic. If you have a running visual theme for your wedding, perhaps a vintage illustration of love birds or an anchor for a nautical themed wedding, creating a stamp with your wedding's emblem can tie it all together, from your invites to your place cards.
  4. The whole shebang. If you love the look of hand made, an easy luxury for less project is creating a custom rubber stamp with all your invitation details and applying the ink yourself. These earthy brown invitations, save the dates, and address labels were all stamped onto cardstock rather than printed.

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