Host Your Very Own Galentines Day Party With These Fun Girl-Approved Ideas

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What’s Galentines Day? As Leslie Knope would say, “It’s only the best day of the year!” You may want to spend V-Day with your bae, but Galentines day is reserved for girl time. There’s no better excuse to celebrate with your besties than a love-filled made up holiday! Grab that bright pink dress out of the closet and get ready to sip adorably crafted drinks because we’re serving up 12 adorbs ideas for the girliest Galentines day ever!

1. Champagne Sorbet Floats
Start off the girly festivities with a cocktail worthy of an NYC rooftop bar. The only thing better than a rootbeer float is a rosé float!The Cookie Rookie

2. Fortune Tellers
Let’s throw it back to middle school sleepovers for this fun activity. Find out who’s going to marry their guy at the copy machine crush!Abby Jiu Photography

3. Festive Donuts
Donuts are definitely the new cake: mess free and sharable! Try a decorate-your-own donut station for a fun and yummy Galentines Day activity.Crazy Style Love

4. In Love With Balloons
These heart-shaped balloons are too sweet for words. Get it? Because they’re decked out in adorable lovey-dovey sayings for you and your ladies!Studio DIY

5. Mimosa Brunch Station
No Galentines Day Brunch is complete without a refreshing drink, and nothing says delicious like a fresh juice mimosa bar!Megan Welker Photography

6. French Waffle Dip
Like a French dip, with more sugar! We think Leslie would agree that there is no such thing as Galentines Day without waffles.Meg Perotti

7. Marshmallow Bar
We love this candy-covered marshmallow bar because who doesn’t love DIY and marshmallows?Megan Welker Photography

8. Cutesy Garland
Don’t forget your décor! This simple and adorable DIY garland is the perfect addition to your gal pal party.Red Ted Art

9. Decorate Your Own Macaron
How much do you want to paint your own Macaron? Be honest. This is the cutest post-meal gossip-sesh activity.Sugar and Cloth

10. Dip-a-Cherry
Speaking of desserts: here’s a simple one. Dip cherries into white chocolate tinted with varying shades of pink for the sweetest ombré treat!White Loft Studio

11. Polished Favors
Attach a sweet Galentines Day Card to your favorite shade of polish for a send-off gift!The TomKat Studio

12. Sweet Invites
Don’t forget to invite your gals. Let the best day of the year begin!Brooke Courtney Photography


--Julia Gargiulo

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