Fabulous Idea No. 58

Submerge orchids in a fish bowl for an easy, eye-catching centerpiece.
Colin Miller

Take a Dip: Sometimes the most breath-taking details can be incredibly simple. And with a centerpiece this easy to recreate, there's no need to call the florist. 

All it takes is a glass fish bowl, some water, 8-10 orchids of your choice (I love these white and hot pink cymbidium orchids) and a length of thin wire.

Fill the bowl 2/3 of the way with water. Loosely begin to twist the wire into the bowl, adding orchids as you go. The wire will help keep some of them submerged and also add a cool graphic touch. Allow some of the orchids and some wire to rise out of the top of the water. Arrange the bowl on a table surrounded with candles for a soft glow.