DIY Rustic Wedding Centerpiece

by The Bouqs

DIY Rustic Wedding Centerpiece

Necessary Tools:

  • Scissors
  • Vase
  • Waterproof, clear tape
  • Flowers (white roses, white hydrangea)
  • Bucket(s) of fresh water
  • Bleach
  • Cool area to store the flowers
  • Trash can

Step #1: Make sure that you have a cool place out of direct sunlight designated to keep your flowers safe so that they won’t wilt. Pick out a vase ahead of time that will work with the table that you will be placing them on. We suggest a circular vase that is 6” or 8” wide and is frosted white glass or regular white glass (or any colored glass that may work with the color scheme you are working with), as you will want to hide the stems from showing.

Step #2: Get a bucket with fresh water to place the flowers in once you get them home. You will want to cut the end of the stems at an angle so that the flower can draw in as much water as possible as they will need to hydrate. Additionally, you will want to remove all of the leaves as they will rot in water and will make the flowers wilt more quickly and will cause the water to smell.

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Step #3: Use clear, waterproof tape and construct a secure grid on the top of the vase so that you will be able to hold the flowers in place. You will want to keep the arrangement low so that you won’t obstruct anyone’s views seated at the table where the arrangement will be placed. A good rule of thumb with centerpieces is to keep the arrangement under 10” tall. 

Step #4: Once the grid is constructed, add the fresh water to the vase, filling it ¾ of the way up and then adding ½ teaspoon of bleach to kill any bacteria in the water.

Step #5 – Begin cutting the white hydrangea stems at an angle with the intent that the stems will hit the bottom of the vase and the flowers will rest at the very top of the vase, so that the look is compact, controlled and low. Start by placing the hydrangea stems closer to the outer side of the vase and then working your way toward the middle – this will provide the base for the arrangement. Once the hydrangea is in place, we suggest constructing groupings of roses (3 or 4 heads), in designated sections of the arrangement, covering any holes that the hydrangea may have left and evenly spacing the rose groupings out. 

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Step #6 – Stand back and take a look at the arrangement. You can now work on finessing the shape. Arrange the flowers ensuring that they are all the same height and are evenly placed I personally like to create a flat shape shape by pulling the flowers out so that they are all the same height and tight and compact (this is where the taped grid really comes in handy). 

Step #7 – place in the center of the tables, get married and live happily ever after…

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