DIY Instant Mocha Mix Favors

by Something Turquoise

DIY Instant Mocha Mix Favors

We are always trying to dream up ‘useful’ favors that your guests will love to take home and enjoy. When we saw this DIY tutorial on Something Turquoise we fell in love, and had to share it with you. These darling test tube favors will be perfect for any event, especially a fall/winter wedding. This mix tastes best in an 8 oz cup of warm milk, but water is good too. 


  • Martha Stewart Crafts darling test tube favor kit
  • Sugar
  • Dry creamer
  • Instant coffee
  • Dry milk powder
  • Cocoa powder
  • Mallow bits and chocolate sprinkles
  • Sticker paper
  • Free label downloads (below)
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 3/4 cup dry creamer
  • 1/2 cup instant coffee
  • 1/2 cup dry milk powder
  • 1/3 cup cocoa powder
  • mallow bits
  • chocolate sprinkles
Step 1: Mix the first 5 ingredients together in a blender until completely combined. That's all there is too it.
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Step 2: Each adorable test tube will perfectly fit 3 tablespoons of mix. Using a funnel helps. Once all 3 tablespoons are in the test tube, gently tap the bottom of the tube onto the counter a few times to pack the mix down. This recipe will make about 15 test tubes.

Step 3: Next, add your choice of cute toppings… here I’m adding chocolate sprinkles and mallow bits. You can add anything you’d like or nothing at all, it’s your call.

Step 4: Place the cork on top and you’re done! Aren’t they so cute!

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Step 5: Download the super cute ‘Love is Brewing’ label here and print it onto sticker paper.

Step 6: Carefully cut each one out, leaving a little white edge around the outside… peel the sticky backing off and place onto your ‘mocha mix’ test tube!

Finish Product: These little test tube favors are just too darn cute!

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Here, Jen of Something Turquoise shares her favorite wedding DIY tips and trends.

1, How did you first become interested in this particular industry?

Jen: My involvement in the wedding industry began when I was in college. I worked as catering staff at a local golf course that hosted about 4 weddings each weekend. I loved seeing the unique details for each event like their table numbers, seating cards and favors... The intensity of the events where energizing to me. I think I became addicted to that energy.

2, Where do you find your inspiration?

Jen: I find my inspiration everywhere but mainly from products. When I find a darling new product I instantly start thinking about what I could make with it and then I make sure that it (or something very similar) can be purchased online. I'm also inspired by seasons and different styles of weddings. I try to keep the projects I share easily adaptable to different wedding themes. Usually I wake up inspired - sounds silly but totally works for me!

3, What’s the hottest trend in wedding DIY right now? 

Jen: The hottest DIY trend I'm seeing right now is hand lettering! Beautiful signs, stationary and many other details with hand drawn scripts are everywhere you look. This type is sure to bring a romantic and free feeling to whatever it's touching. Purchasing items that have been hand lettered or created by a calligrapher can be a bit pricy, so if you want to DIY take a class! 

4, Any tips for our brides that want to DIY for their wedding? 

  • Only take on projects that are within your skill level and time frame. You don't want any additional stress on your shoulders. If you as the bride aren't crafty, enlist the help of a bridesmaid, aunt or friend who is and run your ideas past them first. They might be able to shed light on a particular project, loan you expensive tools or even help you make the item.
  • Research before you craft. It's one thing to really want to make something unique and special for your wedding and it's another thing to need to make it due to budget. Make sure to include craft tools you might need to purchase into the total price of your project; if you don't have certain crafting tools (and you might not ever use them again), it might be cheaper to buy the item from a place like Etsy. If you are an avid crafter and already have the tools required you most likely will save money; just do the math first.
  • If you follow tutorials on blogs, read the comments first! It will really help you to determine if the tutorial works and if the steps are easy to follow. That being said, every tutorial you will find on my website (I have over 200) not only gives detailed step by step pictures, instructions and tips but is proven to work - I don't share them if they don't. Happy wedding crafting!

DIY tutorial by: Jen of Something Turquoise. Original Blog Post

Photographer:  Studio 11 Weddings

All images copyright of © Do not use or repurpose without express permission.

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