Clicking With Engagement Photos

What's the point of orchestrating the wedding of your dreams without the documented images to depict the biggest day of your life?

Today's engagement photo session, which lasts for about two hours, captures a yet-unmarried pair in lively, humorous environs conveying the energy and inimitable chemistry of their dating life. In other words, why they fell in love.

Find out how you too can make the most of an artistic engagement photo session with these foolproof tips from brides and the nation's best engagement session photographers:

Make it a warm-up to your wedding day

Couples usually book the same photographer for their engagement session as the wedding day. Photographers jump at the chance to do an "e-session" because it helps build a rapport between them.

"The e-session is a chance for me to get to know the couple better and for them to get comfortable before the camera," says Henry Chen, a Long Beach, Calif. photographer who has seen an increase in the level of creativity in these pre-wedding photographs in recent years.  "It's okay to be camera-shy. It is my job to get them to be comfortable," says Chen.

Bring props to your session

Whether it is oversized balloons, graphic umbrellas or colorful streamers, consider bringing creative accessories to your e-session.

"Props are a great way to add spice to your imagery while distracting you and minimizing camera awareness," says Cengiz Ozelsel, the principal and award-winning photographer of Adagion Studio, a Miami, FL.-based photography studio. "Flowers work beautifully at a wedding, so why not embrace Silly String for the sake of good imagery in your engagement session?" adds Ozelsel.

Give a glimpse into your dating life

While the wedding is your opportunity to demonstrate your shared sense of ritual and style in the years to come as a married couple, engagement photos document the intimate connection you developed during courtship.

"The best sessions usually revolve around their dating life, like where they met or got engaged, things they like to do and reflects on their personality a lot," suggests Chen.

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