A Touch of Brilliance

Using Metallics in Your Wedding Decor

Question: what’s an easy way to elevate a classically decorated white wedding?

Metallics. From decadent gold to sumptuous silver to a reserved bronze, incorporating shine brings a warmth and regality to wedding décor that can't be achieved any other way.

Pairing metallics with naturals is another direction that can be very glamorous without being overdone. And a beautiful matte gold with a chic color, like persimmon, can transport your guests to a magical place.

Here are five ways to incorporate metallics into your wedding day without breaking the bank:

  1. Play with fire. Candles always add a touch of romance, but don't let the holders be humdrum. Think about incorporating a vintage touch with mercury votive holders—their slightly imperfect finish adds a textured and tarnished beauty that plain polished silver can't reproduce. Consider mercury for candelabras, hurricanes and pillar stands, too.
  2. Have a soft touch. Throw pillows, table runners or dinner napkins are good candidates for decorating with metal. Indulge in silvery fabrics, gold textures and sequins. The contrast of a soft surface and hard-edged shine will add just the right amount of intrigue.
  3. Small matters. We all know great style is in the details, so don't hesitate to think small. Incorporate metal studs or grommets as a detail on your tablecloths or affix tiny crystals onto your bridal bouquet, boutonniere or favors.
  4. Paper shines, too. Who says glitter is limited to the pre-school set? Go beyond plain pulp and experiment with metallic paper for everything from your save the dates to your programs. If you want something more subtle, try incorporating metal in less obvious ways—the envelope liner, perhaps, or using metallic ink against dark paper.
  5. Sparkling apparel. Decorating yourself is just as fun as decorating the room. Think bling. Beautiful chandelier earrings, sparkly bracelets or even a metallic bow tie for your groom can be oh so chic.

The main thing to remember is that striking a balance works wonders. Be careful of adding shine to everything; it isn't necessary. The right touch in the right place is how you make a statement that is all your own.

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