A Gracious Welcome

Gracious Goodies’ Gift Bags For Your Wedding Guests

They've quite literally gone the extra mile to celebrate with you. So how can you thank your out-of-town guests for coming all this way to be at your wedding?

Travelling to a new location to celebrate a dear friend or family member’s wedding is a heartwarming and exciting trip to take, but it’s a lot for a couple to ask someone to book a hotel room, pack a suitcase and get on an airplane to spend a day or two with them. So what’s a happy couple to do to thank their nearest and dearest for gathering to share in their joy?

Welcome and gift bags for out-of-town guests are a fantastic surprise to create for travelling guests, welcoming them to the wedding and making them feel at home. You can always put the bags together yourselves, but why go through the trouble of hunting down individual packets of your favorite snacks and trying to locate just the right packaging when you could turn to the talented and creative team of Gracious Goodies Inc. to do it for you? We spoke to Sara and Bree to get the background on their truly hospitable enterprise and learn about what they can do to make your guests feel even more welcome.

Gracious Goodies Inc. was created five years ago after Sara, pregnant and travelling across the country for a friend’s wedding, had her flight delayed and arrived at the hotel late in the evening only to have to battle her husband for the small bag of chips and bottle of water the bride and groom had provided in the welcome bag. While a map of the area and sunscreen were useful, what they really wanted was something good to eat. From there, an idea was born and Sara joined forces with her friend Bree to satisfy wedding and events guests’ needs across the country, curating a range of premium products that focus on what people really want – GOODIES!

Not sure whether or not to provide gift bags for your guests? Sara and Bree always have their clients think about how they want their guests to feel when they arrive in town for the wedding. Since guests have (literally) gone the extra mile to be there for your big day, why not welcome them and thank them with a bag of treats as their first introduction to your big day? A bag of delicious goodies is always appreciated, remembered and most definitely enjoyed throughout the weekend. Many couples are hesitant to create gift bags because they have to be dropped off at each guest’s hotel to be placed in their rooms. Well, Gracious Goodies offers local hand delivery. The last thing you want to be doing in the days leading up to your wedding is dropping off bags all over town, but that’s exactly what they want to do for you!

With a huge variety of bags and boxes to chose from, as well as goodies ranging from Sweet and Salty to Thirsty and Fun, it’s easy to put together a welcome bag that meets all of your needs. But if all those options still aren’t enough, Sara and Bree can also create custom orders to work with your event. From personalized totes to themes to dietary restrictions, all you have to do is ask. They’ll work within your budget and can scale up or down to meet your needs.

If all that wasn’t enough, we absolutely love Gracious Goodies’ efforts to support small businesses as they select goodies for you to give to your guests. Artisan products and local treats are their go-to choices, and are a great way to introduce your guests to the flavors of your city.

Whether your guests are coming from near or far, for a night or for a week, you can’t go wrong welcoming them to your wedding celebration with a bag filled to the brim with treats from Gracious Goodies.


--Jaimie Schoen

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