6 Romantic Wedding Hairstyles That Will Make Him Fall In Love All Over Again

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Bigger is better when it comes to most things in life: love, food and definitely hair. There’s no better way to compliment your drop-dead gorgeous dress than with flawless curls or an awe-inspiring updo. We are totally obsessed with big, dramatic, romantically styled wedding hair right now and you will be too!

1. Fab Floral Bun
How drop-dead is this style? The simplicity of a big bun is complimented by gorgeous florals for a seriously regal look.Via PinterestSposto PhotographyPowderBlueBijoux via Etsy

2. Elegant Swept Curls
This look is ideal for a backless dress. You’ll get the best of both worlds: you can show off the full fabulousness of your wedding dress, while sporting breathtaking swept curls.Hair & Makeup by Steph
3. Dramatically Undone
If there’s one look that’s totally trending right now it’s the undone style. This looks is messy in all the right places.Hair &Makeup by Steph

Ulyana Aster
4. Bold Braided Updo
The single braid is one of our favorite looks right now. An otherwise simple up-do is boosted to a whole new level of romantic with a sweet braid running down the side.Boonetown Story Photography

Alexandra Grace PhotographyJen Huang Photography / Chiali Meng Hair
5. Bouncy Bohemian Curls
Do curls ever go out of style? We didn’t think so. Add to that a trendy flower crown and you have the most romantic and bohemian-inspired look for your walk down the aisle.Braedon Photography

Emily Wren PhotographyJustine Milton Photography / Connie Quiza Hair
6. When Messy Makes a Statement
Messy has never looked this good. Flawlessly curled hair meets an entire bottle of hairspray for this fun and dramatic ‘do. Add a statement piece to pull the look together (literally) and you have the most fab wedding hair.Archetype Studio

LottieDaDesigns via EtsyUlyana Aster
--Julia Gargiulo

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