5 Trends for Fall Weddings

5 Trends for Fall Weddings

We have a confession; we’ve completely fallen for fall. While summer used to be the season du jour when it came to weddings, recently more and more brides have been opting for an autumn “I Do.” With rich jewel tones, fall foliage, and an excuse to cuddle up a little closer- can you really blame them? Check out our 5 favorite trends for an autumn wedding.    

1. Color: With fall, colors get naturally darker and warmer. The lime green of summer becomes olive green in fall. Red becomes burgundy and shades of persimmon become pumpkin. Feel free to take full advantage of the deep, beautiful colors of the season. 

2. Fabric: As with color, we can start playing with more sumptuous, heavier fabrics. Think brocade and velvet rather than linen and silk as you plan your décor. Colors, textures, lighting options and foliage are unique to this time of year, and decorating a reception table with these elements in mind will allow you to make the most out of your budget.

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3. Cocktails: Cooler nights mean warmer spirits. Think about the smoky flavors of Scotch and bourbon and the deeper tastes that come with full-bodied red wine as opposed to the light spritzers from the summer. Hot toddy anyone?

4. Food: Pairing your food to match with darker cocktails means leaning more towards hearty tastes. Think comfort food served in a chic way, such as miniatures.  Single serving diminutive apple pies, plated pumpkin ravioli or anything with a brown butter sauce. Bonus points for anything served out of a gourd! 

5. Your Dress: While white will always reign supreme, the darker color palette of fall could entice you to think beyond the norm. Perhaps explore warm ivories, or for the fashionably bold a deeper colored wedding dress. Lacey long sleeves are another elegant option, and if you opt for white or ivory for yourself, you can always highlight the season with bridesmaid dresses in an autumnal palette.  Feeling bold? We've got just the collection of dresses for you.

As always...more to come!

--Colin Cowie

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