12 Tips For Surviving A Sizzling Summer Wedding

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Summer weddings can be so beautiful, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come with their own sunny set of baggage. From frizzy hair to melting makeup – the heat and humidity can lead to all sorts of inconveniences that no bride or guest wants to run into! Lucky for you, we came up with a list of the top 12 most useful tips in order to prepare and enjoy every minute of a hot summer wedding! 

1. Up-Do Your Hair
Instead of long and heavy locks, try pinning back your hair in a romantic up-do! Opting for an up-do will prevent it from turning into a frizzy mess (a la Monica’s hair in the “Friends” episode of her honeymoon in Barbados).
Photo by Jen Fariello; floral courtesy of Southern Blooms by Pat's Floral Designs

2. Lighten Up!
Avoid dressing your bridesmaids in dark clothing stay cool and in-season with a dress in a pale or pastel shade.
Image courtesy of White Ivory Photography 

Dresses by Willow & Pearl

3. Create A Shady Oasis
Whether the sun is blazing or there’s a chance of rain, having a tent at your wedding is sure to provide additional comfort for your guests.
Image courtesy of Kelli Boyd Photography 

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4.  Minimal Makeup
When it comes to makeup on a hot summer day – less is more! Avoid makeup-melting mishaps and look your best all night long by wearing a lighter face of makeup. Plus, you’ll look naturally beautiful!
Image courtesy of The Small Things Blog  

5. Relief Station
At any outdoor event, you should always provide guests with sunblock and bug spray. For extra protection, brides and grooms should wear SPF lip balm to keep those lips kissable! Also, be sure to steer clear of fruity perfumes and lotions so pesky mosquitoes don’t ruin your fabulous night.
Photo by Laura Novak; event by Evantine Designs 

6. Wedges For The Win
Considering summer weddings are usually outdoors, wear wedges instead! No bride wants her heels sinking into the grass. Just think, WWCBD? (What Would Carrie Bradshaw Do?) 
Image courtesy of Nadia Hung Photography 

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7. Stay Hydrated

This saying is important everyday and your wedding day is no different! Stay excited and stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking lots of water. A good rule of thumb is at least one glass in between every glass of wine or cocktail.
Image courtesy of Colin Cowie Celebrations 

8. Mini Beats Maxi
Summer brides and bridesmaids alike will appreciate this tip! Consider a short wedding dress or light and airy bridesmaid dress, as opposed to the traditional, long versions. Layers of tulle and satin will feel heavy and sticky. A mini dress will keep you cool and moving on the dance floor! 
Dress by Justin Alexander

9. Sunglass Central
Don’t ruin your wedding day by squinting in every photo! Shade yourself from the bright sun and pack a pair of sunglasses that go with your outfit or matching pairs for you and your bridesmaids.
Image courtesy of Blue Rose Photography

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10. Your Biggest Fan!  
Offer each guest a fan on his or her chair if your ceremony is outside. Brides should fit a compact personal fan in their purse to use when you’re in desperate need of a breeze.
Image courtesy of Glass Jar Photography; event by A Southern Affair 

Image courtesy of Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay 

11. Beat The Heat
Setting spray, face blotting sheets, and matte foundation are the best makeup tools to use for a summer wedding. Toss a packet of oil absorbing paper in your purse to blot your face so you don’t shine brighter than the sun!
Image courtesy of Richelle Dante Photography 

12. Keep Your Bouquet Fresh As A Daisy!
To ensure your blooms make it down the aisle, keep your bouquet in a cool room or refrigerator until right before the ceremony. Afterwards, spritz with water to keep the blooms hydrated.
Image courtesy of Brittany Lauren Photography  

- Lauren Megerdichian

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