11 Fresh Wedding Favors For The Eco-Chic Couple

11 Fresh Wedding Favors For The Eco-Chic Couple

Wedding favors are the last impression you will leave your guests before they depart. As a kind gesture, couples offer their guests something to remember the event by, but it is often a difficult task selecting a single item to give everyone. With the rise in popularity of all things environmentally friendly, why not extend the trend to your wedding favors? Below, we’ve collected our favorite fresh favors to inspire what you give your guests on your wedding day.

1. Perfectly Potted Plants
Rather than cut flowers, group small potted plants together at the center of your tables and wrap them in coordinating tissue paper or cloth. At the end of the reception, guests can take part of the centerpiece home with them and nothing goes to waste.Courtesy of The Swenglish Home

Photo by Alli Pura Photo; Courtesy of Pottery Barn

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2. Honey & Tea To Go
How charming are these little baskets? A parcel of tea bags, a jar of honey with a wooden dipper, and a lemon can be the perfect way for guests to wind down once they have arrived back at home.Photo by Eric Kelley Photography

3. Handmade Soap
These lightly scented bars of soap in fragrances like lavender or mint are a lovely gift to offer your guests. This simple wedding favor is certain to be used and can include a little thank you note from the happy couple.DIY Courtesy of Finding Home Farms

Photo by Love Is A Big Deal

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4. Herb Infused Olive Oil
For an easy DIY, simply purchase small glass bottles, a few gallons of extra virgin olive oil, and sprigs of rosemary, sage, or thyme. Fill the clean bottles, insert some of the herbs, and finish off with a hand-stamped tag.Photo by Peaches & Mint; Styling by Lovely Weddings

5. Caffeine Fix
After a long day of celebrating, your guests may need a bit of a pick me up. Send them home with a mug of chocolate covered coffee beans or a jar of espresso beans to enjoy later that night or the next morning.DIY Courtesy of Evermine Weddings

Photo by Heather Jowett

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6. Sunny Succulents
Small glass vessels for succulents and air plants are adorable and so on-trend. These darling little sprouts grow with hardly any care, so they are an ideal gift – even for guests with a brown thumb!Courtesy of Organic Elements

7. Herbal Tea
These parchment packages of loose tea really do show that love is brewing! And since they’re so compact, your guests won’t have to worry about lugging home a larger wedding favor in their luggage.DIY Courtesy of Evermine Weddings

8. Fresh Fruit
If you’re having an outdoor wedding, why not let your guests take a piece of the outdoors with them when they go? Fresh fruit from the garden, farm, or ranch can be the best memento of a lovely day in nature. Photo by Ten22 Studio

Photo by Corbin Gurkin Photography

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9. Blooming Bouquets
A garden’s selection of roses, ranunculus, or lavender can be a thoughtful way of showing your thanks. The bride and her bridesmaids may have their bouquets, but guests will appreciate a bit of floral as well! Courtesy of Kitchen Confidante

10. Flavored Sugars
To end your big day on a sweet note, offer guest a jar of flavor infused sugar. Dried citrus and fragrant flowers can offer the best hint of something special to these charming jars.Courtesy of Sugar And Charm

Courtesy of Glitter Guide

11. Lucky Bamboo
According to Chinese tradition, bamboo is a gift given to bring others luck. One stalk symbolizes truth, two the love of a couple, and three the welcoming of new beginnings. Photo by Cyndi Hardy Photography

-Aliana Heffernan

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