10 Simple Yet Stunning Ways To Use Greenery In Your Wedding

10 Simple Yet Stunning Ways To Use Greenery In Your Wedding

Yes, flowers are always fabulous, but the latest trend in wedding décor has us seeing green. Lush greenery is a unique and equally beautiful alternative to florals. The best part? The options for using this design element at your event are virtually endless.  Read on for our favorite ways to use chic greenery in your wedding.

1. Escort Cards
Help guests find their seat with vibrant green leaves acting as escort cards.Courtesy of Braedon PhotographyBrown Paper Design

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2. Centerpieces
Fern, elephants ear, and banana leaf- oh my! Larger then life greens make for a show-stopping centerpiece.Courtesy of Binaryflips Photography; Confetti Events

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3. Ceremony Altar
Go for natural beauty and dress your ceremony altar with lush greenery for a wonderfully rustic feel.Courtesy of Jamee PhotographyCori Cook Floral Design

Courtesy of Mint PhotographyOne Love Photography; Jesi Haack Design

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4. Wedding Aisle
Flowers aren’t the only way to decorate your ceremony aisle. Take the natural approach for a look you’ll love.Courtesy of Jose Villa; Flowerwild

Courtesy of Les Amis Photo; Florals & styling by Rosa Canina

5. Place Cards
It’s the details that make all the difference! Place cards with elegant green accents will show guests you’ve thought of everything.Courtesy of Angie Silvy Photography; Colin Cowie Celebrations

Courtesy of Geneoh Photography

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6. Table Runner
What could be lovelier then a garland of greenery running down the center of your reception table?Courtesy of Kristen Weaver Photography; An Affair To Remember Design 

7. Living Chandeliers 
Look up! Chandeliers draped in greenery add an element of surprise to your space.Courtesy of Evan Laettner; Floral by Tiger Lily Weddings

Courtesy of Jose VillaNatural Art Flowers 

8. Menu 
Make your menu one to remember by inscribing the night’s cuisine on a vibrant green leaf.Courteys of Alea Moore Photography; Burke | Design + Planning

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9. Wedding Cake 
Olive leaves are a fresh and stylish addition to your classic white wedding cake.Courtesy of Carly Mccray Photography

Courtesy of Rebecca Arthurs Photography

10. Hair Accessories
Be the natural goddess you are by adding fresh green leaves as a hair accessory. Courtesy of Nicole Berrett Photography

Courtesy of Michelle Landreau

-Melissa Hammam

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