10 Minutes With: Brion Shemeley

President, HITECH Events

The best-kept secret for getting everyone on the dance floor? Look no further than under your feet.

Meet Brion Shemeley, the man behind HITECH Events, LLC, a high-end event flooring company. It’s his job to think about what your wedding guests will shake their moneymakers on--thankfully freeing your mind from one less thing on your wedding to-do list. And there’s a lot to think about on this subject!

With his New Jersey-based company, Brion can get you all kinds of temporary specialty flooring, from custom area rugs or runners to accents or inlays to customized dance floors. They can be made from anything--from wood to black and white checkered tiles or mirrored to colorful laminate.

We asked Brion to give us the lowdown on this often overlooked wedding detail:

Convince us: why should a bride think about her reception’s flooring?
Every wedding needs a dance floor. And when you think about it, physically, it is the focal point of any reception. When we set up a unique style, it is amazing how it magically transforms a venue space.

Okay, you’ve made a great point. What kind of bride uses your services?
The couple that wants something distinctive and special; to create the “wow factor” their guests will never forget. A unique dance floor is a must when coupled with other design elements. Our temporary flooring will dramatically change and beautify any space. We recently did a wedding at the Waldorf Astoria and I found a guest comment afterward: “I have never seen the Waldorf Astoria look so beautiful.”

What are some trends you recommend for brides who are just starting to think about this?
The high demand for seamless acrylic or mirror dance floors is as strong as ever. We recently did an orange one that was all the rage. They just bring an elegance and beauty to the reception. We’re also seeing:

  • An increased interest in black-and-white checkerboard tiling
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting of an entire ballroom or event space so it complements the design palette of the event
  • More purple and chocolate brown carpets

Lastly, any advice for a bride who’s not sure if she can afford your services?
For us, no project is too big or too small. It is always worth investigating the price of adding a custom dance floor or temporary carpeting for an event. If, for instance, re-carpeting an entire room is not within your budget, we may be able to provide some custom-bound area rugs or runners at a lower cost, which will still serve to create a gorgeous look for the event.

Thank you Brion.

--Erinn Bucklan

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