10 Inspired Ideas For Wedding Table Numbers

10 Inspired Ideas For Wedding Table Numbers

When it comes to wedding décor, the magic is all in the details. Even the tiniest of elements from place cards to menus to programs can contribute to guests’ overall experience. Although table numbers might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think wedding décor, they are an integral part of any wedding reception. Not only do they direct guests where to sit, but they can also be the perfect means to express your creativity and make your wedding uniquely you! Customize your special day with our innovative and stylish ideas for your wedding table numbers:

1. Go Green With Moss
Moss table numbers add a whimsical touch to any garden wedding. Adding a few bright flowers around the moss covered numbers will make any table pop.Photo Credits: 1-A Brit & A Blonde; 2-Swoon Studio; 3-Hank and Hunt; 4-Lucid Captures Photography

2. Bottles Up
Taking an old glass bottle and transforming it into a creative table number is a great way to reuse and recycle. You can even get custom labels to stick on the bottles to make it all the more personal.Photo Credits: 1-Mike Carreiro Photography; 2-Meghan Wiesman Photography; 3-Watson Studios; 4-Aurelia D'Amore Photography

3. Book Mark It
Using a book as a table number can give a table a decidedly vintage feel. Write the number on your favorite page, the cover, or even on display out of the top. Photo Credits: 1-Hooray Hurrah; 2-Jackie Wonders; 3-Katey Penton; 4-Tiffany Kirchner Dixon

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4. That’s A Framer
Simply choose an elegant font and print table numbers. Then cut each number out individually and place it into the frame of your choice. Choose frames that compliment the style of your wedding, from glam to rustic.Photo Credits:1-Colin Cowie Celebrations; 2-Melissa Teal Photography; 3-Colin Cowie Celebrations; 4-Diana Lupu Photography

5. Make Your Table Sparkle
Turn the glam radar all the way up with glitter table numbers. Stick with traditional gold or play with ombre. Either way, your table numbers will be the glimmer in every guest’s eyes.Photo Credits: 1-Christina Brosnan; 2-Z Create Desgin; 4-Harwell Photography 

6. Mirror, Mirror On The…  Table
Mirrors can add another dimension to any wedding table, as they will reflect all your fabulous décor. You can have numbers placed on, or write them on yourself to leave a little wiggle room in your budget. Photo Credits: 1-Emily G Photograpy; 2-Mary Fields Photography; 3-Dan Stewart Photography; 5-Matt Blum Photography

7. Guests Wood Love These Numbers
Wood table numbers give any wedding a taste of the great outdoors. These natural numbers can be used any time of year and can fit with any color palette you and your groom decide on.Photo Credits: 1-Birds of a Feather; 3-Daniel Cruz; 4-Elan Klein Photography

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8. Put A Cork In It
You know they say a glass of red wine a day is good for the heart. It’s time to start saving the corks of those bottles. Use a few corks to hold a table number or connect your collection in the form of the number itself. Cork table numbers add a rustic touch to any affair.Photo Credits:1-Betsi Ewing; 2-Lindsay Flanagan Photography; 3-Southern Calligraphy; 4-Aaron Delesie; 5-Jessica Charles Photography

9. Photo Bomb Every Table
Take your guests on a journey through your life. Each table number can represent an age and can feature pictures of the bride and groom at that stage in their life. Guests will love seeing how you grew up.Photo Credits: 1-Kristin Spencer Photography

10. Make Every Message Count
Get or make small journals for each table, and encourage guests to leave a message that you’ll read on the anniversary that corresponds to the table number.  For your first year, break out the journal from table number one! Your guests will love leaving you words of congratulations and wisdom. Plus, this romantic gesture is sure to make everyone melt.

-Summer Stevens


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