10 Impossibly Fun Ways to Keep Kids Entertained At Weddings

10 Impossibly Fun Ways to Keep Kids Entertained At Weddings

A bride spends months thinking over every detail of her wedding, from the dress to what will be served at the cocktail hour. Each aspect of the big day has been carefully planned, but what to do with the children who attend is often overlooked. Moms and Dads know it can be difficult to bring kids to an adult event, but sometimes it can be just as difficult to find a sitter. To make sure everyone has fun at your wedding, we’re sharing our top 10 favorite ideas to keep even the tiniest of tots entertained!  

1. Goodie Bags
Grownups may have to wait until the end of the night to receive their wedding favor, but why not let the children have theirs before the ceremony? Put together small packages for the kids with crayons and paper for coloring, crossword puzzles, ring pops and paper bow ties, or small Lego kits. As long as the activities are quiet and simple, there won’t be any interruptions during the “I do’s.” Courtesy of I Love Love Events

Courtesy of Bloom Designs

2. Crafting Table
Lay out an assortment of craft supplies like mini canvases, washable paint, and brushes on a side table. While the parents are mingling with other guests, the children can make something special to take home or give to the bride and groom!Photo by Kristyn Hogan

Photo by Love Life Studios

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3. Dessert Station
Let the children build their own s’mores or decorate cupcakes - it will make dessert feel like an extra special treat! Courtesy of Honest to Nod

Courtesy of Jen Loves Kev

4.  Scavenger Hunt
This can be especially fun for outdoor receptions. Have a bridesmaid or groomsman hide some wedding-themed surprises throughout the space and task the youngsters with them finding each item. This works especially well if the hidden items are games themselves. For example, divide the parts of a board game into clear zippered bags. Once the kids collect all the parts, they can play the game!

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5. Letters to the Bride & Groom
Leave blank cards for each child so they can write their own note, a piece of advice, or whatever they’d like to the newlyweds. From sincere to silly, some of these little ones might just know the secret to living happily ever after!Photo by Clary Pfeiffer

6. Disposable Cameras
Have a disposable camera at each child’s seat so they can play wedding photog throughout the night. Make it a game of “I Spy” or simply let the kids snap away. Who knows what gems they may capture! Courtesy of Not On The High Street

7. Mocktails
When the adults are toasting the bride and groom, make sure you offer a kids’ drink, such as sparkling cider, milk in a champagne flute, or a classic Shirley Temple. This way, even your youngest guests feel like they are a part of the celebration.Photo by Avery House

Courtesy of L-eat Catering

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8. Puzzle Piece Place Cards
The children at your wedding will likely be all different ages, so finding an activity for them to do together may be difficult. Instead of a traditional place card, use puzzle pieces with each child’s name written across the back. Once they collect all the puzzle pieces, the kids can assemble the puzzle as a group.Photo by Kelly Ewell Photography

9. Bubble Station
At an outdoor reception, reserve some space at the side for a bubble station. The table can include a container of bubbles for each child or tubs of soapy water and large wands for even bigger bubbles!Courtesy of Lola, Tangled

Photo by Kristin Moore Photo

10. Professional Entertainers
If you have enough money left in your party budget or have a sizable number of children in attendance, it could be worthwhile to hire professional entertainers. A pair can come to dance with the kids, play games, paint faces, do magic tricks, and keep them entertained throughout the event. Courtesy of Wayne Wonder

 -Aliana Heffernan 

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