10 Fun Farewell Alternatives To Your “Just Married” Car

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The “just married” car is iconic. Sparklers are waving, rice is flying and tears are streaming as you and your brand new hubby take off from your wedding to start your lives together. We all know and love the decorative flowers and tin cans draping from the bumper, but let’s talk about some unique alternatives to the farewell car. If you want your wedding goodbye to be extra special and memorable, it may be time to switch up the getaway and leave your guests with a lasting impression. 

1. Bon Voyage Boat
Is there anything more picturesque than sailing away into the sunset with your new husband? Justin and Mary Weddings

2. Trolley Transport
If you’re getting married in a city that happens to use a trolley system, literally jump on the opportunity to wave goodbye to your friends and family on your personal streetcar named desire.Amy Arrington Photography

3. Goodbye Bicycle
We don’t recommend pedaling in your dress, but we can’t deny the adorable pictures that the “just married” bicycle provides.Amy Cloud Photography

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4. Safari Salutations
This safari jeep is the most festive addition to a destination wedding.Feather and Stone

5. Sayonara Scooter
Channel your inner Italian with this chic farewell scooter, European husband optional.Junebug Weddings

6. Truck Bed Travels
Ideal for a rustic themed wedding, this farewell truck bed screams cozy country.Laura Leigh Photo

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7. Golf Cart Getaway
If you and hubby love to drive golf balls, just wait until you drive out of your wedding in a golf cart!Mary Sarah Photography

8. Picturesque Pedicab
Does it get any sweeter than cozying up to your new husband in a pedicab? City wedding made flawless.KT Merry

9. Cinderella Carriage
This one speaks for itself. We’ve all dreamt of being whisked away by a carriage on our wedding day since we were little. Just make sure you get home before midnight!Jill Christine Designs

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10. Vintage Voyage
A classic farewell car will never go out of style. White + vintage = ultimate style and class.Troy Grover / Lauren Balingit

--Julia Gargiulo

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