10 Crazy Fun Bridal Party Photo Ideas

10 Crazy Fun Bridal Party Photo Ideas

People always say a picture is worth a thousand words and we couldn’t agree more. They capture a moment and allow people to travel back to relive cherished memories.  Photos taken on your wedding day are a keepsake and beautiful reminder of the day you were surrounded by friends and family, the day you couldn’t stop smiling, and the day you said “I Do”.

1. Jump on the bed! As a kid, your parents may have told you not to jump on the bed. Well, it’s time to embrace your inner child and make the bed into a fabulous photo op with your bridesmaids.Bre Thurston Photography

2. Fawn over your flower girl! When people think bridal party, they think bridesmaids, but let’s not forget the most adorable member, the flower girl. Be sure to snap a picture of you and the little sweetie on your special day. Photo Credit: Top-Bobby Earle; Bottom: Archetype Studio Inc

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3. Shield your eyes! Put a spin on a kiss picture by having your flower girls and ring bearers cover their eyes.  This one will keep you laughing for years to come. Photo Credit: Top-Carmen Roberts Photography; Bottom-Jennifer Bagwell Photography

4. Live out Romeo and Juliet! Well, live out the balcony scene anyway. This photo is the perfect way to show off the entire bridal party. Also, there are sure to be a few laughs as the groomsmen try lifting up the groom.Zoe Rain Photography

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5. How do you know the bride? Have your bridesmaids hold a sign of how they met you, how they are related to you, or simply of their favorite thing you two do together. Photo Credit: Top

6. Be men in black! This is your ring bearer’s time to shine. But, a man can’t travel alone, so the rest of your groomsman can provide some backup.Jeff Kolodny Photography

7. Show off your support! The maid of honor and best man are the couple’s go to in the bridal party. Capture a handhold with a bit of bromance, and don’t forget to thank them for all of their support.Photography by Britton

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8. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? On your wedding day, there is no question that you are the fairest of them all. Your bridesmaids won’t be able to take their eyes off you. 

9. Capture a kiss! Everyone loves a good picture of the bride and groom sharing a kiss. Add a fun twist to a standard kissing picture by having your bridal party in the background of the photo.Photo Credit: Bottom: Nerinna StudiosBottom-Kate Belle Photography

10. Be the Brady Bunch! Everyone remembers the show, and everyone will remember this classic picture combination with your bridal party. Another way to play with this idea is to have a picture of you and your groom in the middle and have every picture around looking toward the two of you.Master Studio Photography

-Summer Stevens

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