10 Centerpiece Ideas for the Budget Conscious Bride

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There are so many ways to create beautiful centerpieces on a budget.

Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

1. Since a large vase takes a huge amount of cut flowers, use three to four small vases instead, packed tightly with full-blown blooms. This gives you that lush look, while using relatively few flowers. Intersperse the vases with a few candles in mismatched glass or silver candleholders, or little votive candles.

2. Look for interesting floral containers from unique sources: Ikea, flea markets, garage sales, wholesale floral markets, Etsy, thrift stores or maybe even eBay. Start collecting well in advance so you have plenty of time to select the best pieces at the lowest prices.

3. Use gorgeous, fresh fruit in your centerpieces, such as clusters of grapes, bright oranges, apples, or pomegranates. The fruit takes up space, allowing you to use fewer flowers.

4. Mix just a few large, expensive, full-blown roses in each arrangement of less-expensive blooms to create a lavish look.

5. To add a little glitz to your table, spray paint apples, artichokes or pears (we prefer white for the warm summertime months and gold for the holidays), then place them in a bowl or cylindrical vase, or simply scatter them on their own down the table.

6. Think vegetarian. A handsome wooden bowl overflowing with an assortment of vegetables such as bright red chili peppers, green jalapenos, and a variety of heirloom tomatoes can be precisely what you're looking for.

7. Or, consider lining a wooden salad bowl with a single tropical leaf, adding some coconuts and half a dozen limes for a beachy, summertime look. Finish it off with a few kiwi fruits cut in half--heaven!

8. Fill up four martini glasses with water, add a sparkling drop of food coloring and a floating candle and place them on each table or on your buffet table.

9. What could be more versatile and resourceful than a green, leafy artichoke? Transform the unassuming vegetable into votive and place card holders.

Here's how: Cut off the bottom of the artichoke so it's able to stand up by itself, vertically. Now separate the leaves at the top, open it up, and insert a candle in the middle.

10.  Turn a simple Styrofoam cone you've wrapped in tinfoil into a stunning topiary, studded with whatever food you want to showcase and serve.

To assemble: insert a toothpick into the cone, one toothpick at a time, and then add ripe summer strawberries, chocolate kisses, dried apricots, or whatever you'd like (so many options!). Repeat until the entire cone is both a visual and great-tasting orgy.

(Other shapes work fantastically, too. Round Styrofoam balls, square Styrofoam blocks and even the Styrofoam form of a head--like you'd find in a wig store window--can make for a memorable edible centerpiece).

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