10 Breathtaking Ideas For Planning A Summer Wedding


Planning a summer wedding? Consider adopting these 10 tips to make the most of the sunniest season.

1. Say ‘I Do’ At Sunset
Time your ceremony to take advantage of the different moods created by the changing sky. Start the ceremony just before the sun begins to set, so once it is time for dinner guests can be illuminated by candlelight. 

2. Roses Are Red, Sunflowers are Yellow
Take advantage of the season by dressing your bouquet with the brightest summer blooms like daisies, dahlias, marigolds, or sunflowers. 

3. Trade Your Veil For A Beach Towel
Well… almost! One of the most popular wedding destinations is the beach. Since the ceremony should be a place of significance to you and your fiancé, rather than a large venue, consider inviting your nearest and dearest to an old summer home or your favorite sandy locale. 

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4. Seashell Basket
Instead of a traditional ring pillow, use a large, pristine shell filled with sand to carry the ring - just be sure to anchor your rings to one another!

5. Petal Promenade
For a garden wedding, create a serpentine aisle of flower petals leading to the altar. Vibrant pinks and oranges lend themselves oh-so-nicely to summer color schemes. 

6. Naturally Cost-Cutting
Summer affords itself more budget-friendly options, such as a lovely morning wedding followed by a brunch or luncheon, instead of a Saturday night dinner. A boat cruise or a yacht club reception are other great outdoor options. 

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7. The Coolest Bites & Sips
Serve fresh salads, chilled soups like gazpacho, and seasonal fruits and veggie appetizers. If you are on a tight budget, inexpensive sparkling wines can be enhanced with a sugar cube at the bottom of the glass. 

8. The Hottest Décor
Use glass hurricanes or glamorous lanterns to protect candle flames from blowing out in the wind. While dealing with bugs outdoors is inevitable, bug bites aren't! Select candles that contain citronella oil to ward them off. Colin’s secret is to put a covered candle underneath the table - because those critters love your ankles!

9. Create A Tent
Tell your local party rental company how many people you’ll be seating then ask them to cover the frame in white Velon. Purchase a sheer white fabric (at least 118 inches wide), to drape fabric loosely over the tent poles. Use approximately three feet of fabric for every one foot of tent to be covered. Let the excess fabric hang down the poles, catching it with satin ribbon, strips of gold lame, or a strong adhesive tape. Decorate with fabric in an accent color, garlands of vines and flowers, or string lights. 

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10. Awe-Inspiring Altars
Decorate your altar with natural elements, such as seashells at a beach wedding. Hang crystals to give the area some sparkle, moss and vines for a secret-garden feel, or swags of fabric across treelimbs for a look that’s more romantic. Whatever you decide, be consistent throughout the entire celebration. 

- Stacey Schimmel & Aliana Heffernan

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