Where It Takes Two to Tango

Destination Wedding: Argentina

Take your love to the ends of the Earth with a trip to Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa, the furthest south you can go without a trip to Antarctica.
Photo by Celine Frers


Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa

If you’ve ever promised your betrothed that you’d go to the ends of the Earth to please him or her, then consider Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa. It is situated at the shore of Argentina’s Beagle Channel, a strait at the extreme southern tip of the continent—one of the only three ways for early explorers to navigate by water from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans.

Set in the Tierra del Fuego island chain, Los Cauquens offers 54 rooms with unobstructed views of the snowy Andes. Activities at this one-of-a-kind resort are limited, to be frank. Even in spring and summer, it is chilly—but this is nothing compared to the subzero temps you’ll experience if you wanted the challenge of visiting in winter. Still, you can sign up to mountain bike, sea kayak, visit a penguin colony or take a visit to Antarctica. It doesn’t get more exotic than this.

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