Where It Takes Two to Tango

Destination Wedding: Argentina

Towering ceilings and elegant Louis XVI décor combine for a chic wedding location at the Alvear Palace Hotel.
Courtesy of Alvear Palace Hotel

Is it any wonder that Argentina is the most visited country in South America? It’s where the tango was born and Malbec is king. Argentinean steaks are as world-renowned as their burgeoning Buenos Aires fashion scene. And don’t get the locals started on their beloved rough-and-tumble Boca Junior futbol team.

With its mix of first-class sophistication and rugged outdoorsy environs, if you’re a couple seeking a one-stop shop for all your highbrow and low-key needs, there’s no better place to consider for your destination wedding or honeymoon than Argentina.

(Just remember that tourists can’t marry legally in Argentina. You or your betrothed have to be an Argentine or a permanent resident for a wedding to be recognized. Still, this little detail shouldn’t stop you from having a stateside civil ceremony, then a symbolic wedding in this far-flung locale. Your guests just may thank you for getting them to make this trip.)

Read on for a select group of locales from the four corners of the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.


Alvear Palace Hotel

Buenos Aires, the capital, is often called “the Paris of South America.” To prove this point, you’ll have to stay at least once at the esteemed Alvear Palace Hotel with its blend of elegant Empire, Louis XV and Louis XVI décor.

For couples seeking a traditional wedding atmosphere, this hotel delivers with available banquet rooms and a first-rate catering facility. Or, host a smaller reception-style dinner at the renowned La Bourgogne restaurant on-site. The chef, Jean Paul Bondoux, brings a bit of French cuisine to Buenos Aires with dishes like “pheasant cooked two ways.” Just make sure to serve famous Argentinean wines with the meal.

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