Weekend Hawaiian Wedding

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For a San Francisco couple, Hawaii was the ideal location to host a weekend wedding that combined both Asian and Polynesian traditions. Guests arrived from around the world: the bride's family from China and the groom’s guests mostly from northern California.

The celebrations began on a Friday afternoon with a beach party, where guests lounged in the sun, drank delicious fruit-based cocktails and dined from a casual buffet of local fish, lobster and prawns. At sunset that evening, guests were hosted to a wine tasting on a bluff overlooking the ocean on the greens of the 18th hole of the hotel's golf course. A selection of wines was offered with delicious French cheeses and crusty baguettes.

Saturday was a day of relaxation and guests swam in the ocean, relaxed by the pool, played golf or went horseback riding. At sunset, a stunning ceremony took place under a large tree festooned with hanging garlands of orchids and illuminated lanterns. A stone walkway was also built for the bride to make her grand entrance.

Finally, guests made their way to an authentic Chinese dinner with chefs flown from mainland China to prepare the meal. The first four courses were plated and served tableside. The final four courses were served from active buffet stations where the chefs stir fried authentic Chinese dishes. Once dinner was complete, local Hawaiian fire dancers entertained guests while Dale Degroff whipped up tasty cocktails.

For the dessert course, the bride and groom cut a modestly sized ceremonial cake while their guests were served cake from one of ten different whimsically designed cakes. Each was decorated with flowers made from sugar paste and served with a well-chilled dessert wine. Immediately afterwards, guests were invited outside the tent to witness an impeccably timed fireworks display that jump-started the after-party.

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