Travel In Style With These Easy Tips

You’ve planned your destination wedding and honeymoon down to the very last detail and now it’s a game of getting there. After traveling over 12 million miles around the world, Colin Cowie has some incredibly helpful tips for traveling with style, efficiency and ease and we’re sharing them with you! Check out our top 8 tips for arriving to paradise in style….

Bring Your Own Accoutrements 
If you’re headed to a faraway destination, consider bringing your own accessories. Think snacks (airplane food just doesn’t cut it), earplugs (for the crying baby two aisles back), a pillow (to avoid a cramped neck) and an eye mask (for the passenger who insists on having the light on at 4AM). Also, the number of times that complimentary blanket has been washed is disturbingly low, so do yourself a favor and bring your own.

Inform Your Family and Friends 
While the thought of sneaking away to a remote hiatus sounds completely romantic, it’s also completely unwise. We may have watched one too many Niam Leeson flicks, but be sure to share your travel and hotel arrangements with a close family or friend so they know you’ve arrived safely at your destination. 

Don’t Be That Guy
We all have that one friend who packs 15 pairs of jeans, a suitcase solely for shoes and an entire bag of shirts… just in case. Take our advice and don’t be that guy. Be resourceful with your outfits-pack more underwear than you need and less pants and skirts. Basics will be your lifeline, while a few statements piece are fabulous for romantic dinner dates with you and your newlywed.  Lay out your outfits on the bed prior to traveling.  Bring separates that work with one another so you'll have plenty of options and room in your suitcase!

Know Your Place
Have a clear understanding of where you’re seated on the plane, not just in first class or coach, but also if you’re in the aisle, middle or window. If you’re in an Exit Row and you’d prefer to sit elsewhere, make this arrangement in advance and save yourself the hassle the day-of.

Singles Only
First, it’s important to understand what a tip means. While customary for certain services, tips are given for a job well done. That said, keep small bills on hand and use discretion while understanding that tips are often livelihoods. We live in a society of tipping so the more generous you can be the better. 

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Pack Smart
Along the lines of packing lightly, pack wisely. If you can (and learned travelers seriously suggest you try), use carry-on luggage only so you can bypass baggage claim. Pack travel size toiletries and leave room for any fun purchases you might make on your stay. Somehow that tote is always tougher to zip up on the way home, but we're not complaining.

Get Moving
As soon as you get off the plane, exercise! Whether it’s floor exercises in your room, a walk around the resort, cardio at an on-site gym or a tour exploring the site, get your body moving again. A few minutes of exercise will do wonders for your energy and confidence levels! 

Say Thank You
The art of developing relationships with hotel management and staff is so important. Before you arrive at your destination, touch base with the manager or concierge and let them know that you are traveling for a special occasion. You might just end up with an upgrade upon your arrival.  Introduce yourself when you do arrive and build a rapport. After all, the staff is going to be taking care of you throughout your stay. Write thank you notes where possible and let management know that you appreciate their efforts. Tips are also some of the best way to show gratitude!

--Keely-Shea Smith

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