Top-Notch Travel Tips

Top-Notch Travel Tips

Delayed flights and cancellations may be out of your control. However, there are a few things you can do to make your trip go as smoothly as possible. Follow these tips to ensure you have proper flight etiquette and help bring along the tranquility of traveling.

1. Armrests: The person who sits in the middle should get both armrests. They do not have the window to lean on or the aisle armrest, so give them both the middle ones.

2. Putting your feet up: Seats are meant to be sat on, they are not a footrest. Leave your feet properly on the ground.

3. Taking off your shoes: If you are traveling for a long period of time it is acceptable to take your shoes off. Don’t ever go bare, bring along a comfortable pair of fuzzy socks or slippers. If your feet tend to have an odor be mindful of that and keep your shoes on for the duration of your travels.

4. Headphones: Don’t make the volume on your headphones so loud that the person next to you can hear them. Your seat neighbor shouldn’t know your secret love of Taylor Swift. Keep it to yourself.

5. Food: Don’t bring anything that can spill or is super messy when you are going to be in a tight area.

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6. Walking Escalators: They make the rules very easy. On the escalator, walk to the left and stand to the right. So many times you see people taking up the entire width with their luggage. If you don’t want to walk, park all your belongings on the right so people can walk easily past you.

7. Exiting: Let the people in front of you get off the plane first. To avoid being trampled, make sure the people in the row in front of you have the opportunity to exit before you start walking forward.

-Nicole Koffler