State of Paradise

Spotlight on the Hawaiian Islands for Your Honeymoon

Discover why our 50th state is the most versatile honeymoon location in the U.S. Fall in love, island by island.

Is it any surprise that the only royal palace on American soil (the former residence of Hawaiian monarchs) still stands in downtown Honolulu? After all, Hawaii reigns supreme as the noblest of honeymoon destination in the U.S.

Hawaii is not only about its stupendous waves (it is the birthplace of modern surfing) and pristine beaches, however. Made up of six major islands, Hawaii stands out because of its versatility. From world-renowned golf to, yes, snow-capped mountains, Hawaii lures thousands of honeymooners each year because it satisfies just about any couple’s desires. Read on to find out which island is for you.

For Outdoor Adventure: Kauai

This northernmost island of Hawaii is a Mecca for outdoor activities, from horseback riding to scuba diving. River kayaking is a rare treat in Hawaii, available only on Kauai’s Wailua River, the only navigable river in Hawaii.

Or hike Waimea Canyon, aka “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” by foot or mule. Snorkeling is another fantastic pastime on this island (especially at Anini Beach Park if you’re a novice). Some of the best beaches in America are also on this energizing island. Don’t forget to visit Poipu on the island's southern coast. Come between December and May and you just might spot some humpback whales too.

For Culture And Entertainment Enthusiasts: Oahu

This is the island that is most populated by Hawaiians. It is home to Waikiki Beach, made famous by TV and movies, and the site of Pearl Harbor. Honeymooners seeking entertainment, fine food and shopping should head to Oahu to satisfy both the need for nightlife and sunbathing. (Big wave surfing began on North Shore in Oahu.)

Some of Hawaii’s best chefs behind the “Hawaii Regional Cuisine” movement have set up outposts on this island. Gourmands must not miss Roy Yamaguchi’s Roy Waikiki and George Mavrothalassitis’ Chef Mavro Restaurant on this trip.

For Off-The-Grid Charm: Molokai

Couples seeking the “authentic” Hawaiian experience should make a beeline right to Molokai. This island may be the home of Hawaii’s largest stretch of white sand--Papohaku Beach--but it is also where tourism has not changed the landscape much. For example, there’s only one real town here, Kaunakakai. The east end of the island is still wonderfully, magically and thankfully undeveloped.

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