Spotlight on Cape Town

Colin recalls a fantastic trip to beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.


I was in Cape Town during the World Cup for the quarter-final game between Argentina and Germany. While I was there, I felt immense pride standing alongside 61,400 attendants as the spotlight was on South Africa. Many people were skeptical about the efficiency of the new airports and stadiums, but we were all more than impressed. Architecturally, the stadiums were spectacular and well thought out with the most state of the art fixtures!

Throughtout my stay in Cape Town, I resided at the Molori Clifton and felt like I was on a stunning boat on the ocean. The night before the match, One&Only hosted a party for almost a thousand glamorous guests. From there, we made our way to The Side Show (formerly Fez Nightclub) with its African House musical beat.

My favorite dinner was at Pigalle restaurant where I ate a spectacular mixed grill of Portuguese-style seafood including queen prawns, langoustines, and a Cape crayfish tail. Heaven! From there, I spent a couple of days in the bush unwinding and relaxing in my beautiful native country before heading back to New York.


-Colin Cowie

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